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My DD had reflux. They put her on zantac and reglan. Zantac is for the heartburn that the reflux causes. I don't know about the other med your grandson is on. The reglan helped with the reflux its self. We were also told to mix rice cereal in her formula. 1 tablespoon for every 4 oz. They said this would make the milk heavier and help it stay down better. Like the other posters said she slept in a swing or something the kept her head elevated a little. That helped. She did great with all this stuff. You could tell if i hadn't given her her meds, b/c she would cry out in pain and it was just horrible.
We tryed the formula that enfomil makes. Its a formula that i guess is special for reflux. It has the cereal already mixed into and stuff. She didn't do well with it. It made it really hard for her to poop. To the point she would cry every time she needed to go. As soon as we got the other formula back into her system she was fine again. So be careful if you change formulas. Good luck with this. I would be taking with the doctor about this. It is very stressful. You hate to see your child in so much pain. I have had a few people tell me lately that they felt sorry for DD. One of my friends is experiencing heartburn due to pregnancy. She says that it must of just been horrible for her. So if you have had that then you can kinda know what they go through. Get something worked out with the doctor. Your grandson shouldn't have to go through this. I wish you the best of luck.

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