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Hey there.. have you had your baby checked out by a pediatrician? If he's crying excessively, you may want to check and see that his ears aren't infected or he may have other problems. Also, he may be colicky.. babies cry for many different reasons. As for the sleeping thing, I have a 7 month old baby and we went through periods where she didn't want to sleep, and where she slept a lot. Babies have growth spurts where they eat more/less and are restless and fussy. It's totally normal for that, but I would still recommend having him checked out.

Also, my baby is just getting her two bottom teeth, and she only wants me to hold her, not her dad. She is very clingy and can be irritable. I tried the Teething tablets- got them at WalMart in the section where they carry the Tylenol. Just love your baby and remember that "THIS TOO SHALL PASS" (I have to say that to myself everyday).

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