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In the beginning I feed mine 2 times a day. Rice cereal in the morning (mixed with fruit) and then a fruit or veggie in the mid afternoon. By 6 months you can move it up to feeding solids 3 times a day. Most babies do like fruit better. Sometimes I mix a fruit with a vegetable (sounds gross I know) to get my DD to eat her peas or carrots.

When I make cereal I do it in a little dixie cup with it filled half way with the flakes before formula. I don't know how much it equals, but I'd say maybe 1/4 cup when mixed with formula.

If you start with a veggie...try sweet potatoes. Its a good middle of the road food. Don't start with an extreme like spinach. I tend to alternate a fruit and then a veggie when introducing the new foods. I add a new food every 3-5 days. As far as amounts, your baby will let you know when she is full. DD is 6 months and is now eating approx 2 jars of food at each feeding :eek: Plus taking in about 24-28oz of formula. But she was also born very big, so I don't think she's the norm (though DS did the same thing)

And as far as cereal helping with's a myth. But as you increase the amounts of solids it will probably get better.

Hope this helps.

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