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I haven't been on this board for close to a month, so hello and congratulations to all of the new Mommies.

My daughter had her first shots two Wednesdays ago, and she developed a horrible smelling and powerful diarreha two days after the shots. She never broke out in a rash from it, nor did she develop a fever. This diarreha is discusting. It comes out with the force of a shotgun, and spills out of the sides each time it happens. It smells like rotting intestine and bad breath, and it's Army Green in color.
The doctor keeps saying that as long as she is wetting diapers (which she definitely is), and is not running a fever, then it should be ok. But she wakes up a lot during the night, frustrated with gas. When I put her onto her side (it aleviates it for her), she pushes really hard and has a huge wet fart that spills out the diaper. We don't need to switch diaper brands, because these ones can hold nearly GALLONS (lol) of urine. It's just the force behind her gas that is causing the spilling. But two weeks of this? She is in pain, it's disrupting her sleep, and I just don't have a good feeling about it.
I took her to the ER three weeks ago, because of a serious gas problem she was having. She cried from 6 p.m. until about 3 a.m., and I could tell she was in pain. They ran a stool sample on her, to check for any infections. It came back clear, but now it's started all up again after those shots. I know no matter how many symptoms I list for the doctor, she refuses to go further into it.
Have any of your babies had a reaction this long to the shots?

And also, what should I think of blood mixed in with her ear wax? It wasn't a lot, and it was wax consistancy, but it was blood red. I was worried all day, and come to find out, my husband said she hit the back of her head against the crib the night before. I had JUST removed the crib bumpers a week ago, to reduce the risk of her suffocating, then she goes and hits her head?! OMG.

Any help would be wonderful.... :confused:

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