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Why is your son not sleeping through the night? Sit down and think about that question and then you will prob. figure out what you need to do to help him learn to do this. If you just can't figure it out write down what is happening and then someone could give you some advice. If he has never slept through the night then you have some hard work to do.

It is prob. some bad habits that need to be broken. I have a great friend who's 18 mo old DS still wakes her at night. Last week she told me that he was keeping her awake at 2am so she brought him downstairs and put a video in for him while she layed on the couch. He watched it until 5 am when she had had enough and brought him back to bed. No wonder he is still waking at night. Now I am not saying you do this, but just wanted to demonstrate that we do things without thinking about their disasterous outcomes. It is easy to develop bad habits when we are really tired and not thinking straight. Then we get more tired becasue we are waking a lot and don't have the energy to do anything about it. It is a vicious cycle. You should sit down and figure out where the prob. are and find a way to stop them. It will be really hard. You will loose much more sleep at first.
1st question...are you still nursing? I just ask because it seems to me all of the moms I know who are nursing after 1 year of age still have kids that wake in the night.

A lot of women on here recommend the book "The Happiest Kid on the Block" They swear it works wonders.

Personally I am from the Cry it out school of thought. I've used it for 2 kids now starting at 4-5 months and within 3 nights both put themselves to sleep and slept through the night. In my past experience I go in 1 or two times and make sure that there is no real problem. After that my son is on his own. As long as they are not sick or scared, there is no reason why they can't be in their room by themselves and put themselves back to sleep.

Maybe your doctor will have some suggestions..they've heard it all.

But good for you for trying to end it now. One friend has a 2 1/2 year old daughter who JUST started sleeping through the night. Another one has a SIX YEAR OLD who still wakes 5 nights a week and gets into their bed!! :eek:

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