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DD is 6 months and she sleeps great at night. We rock her, put her down, she puts herself to sleep and sleeps 10-12 hours. During the day for the last week or so, she's been fighting sleep BAD. But she's cranky, so I know she's sleepy. But when I try to rock her she squirms constantly, spits out her passy and fusses, keeps making noise to keep herself awake, or flailing her arms around. I tried just laying her down, and a couple times she's gone to sleep on her own. A few times she's cried, and a few times she's just layed there quiet but keeping herself awake making little noises for an hour or more.

We had to do cold turkey CIO with Cal cause we tried the Ferber method and it didn't work, it just prolonged the misery. We didn't start til about 7 months. But Cal would have never in a million years put himself to sleep, OR layed their quietly if he didn't go to sleep.

So what do I do? I feel awful with her laying back there awake all by herself and not going to sleep, but she's not happy with anything I do or playing in her saucer or on the floor or anything.

I WISH she would cry. I know that sounds horrible, but I think she'd quickly cry herself out and go to sleep instead of laying in her room for hours awake by herself.

Anyone ever had a sleep problem like this? LOL. Or is this the curse of the "too happy baby?"

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