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Hi all,

I can not beleive how much you guys are posting, flippin heck it takes me ages to catch up! lol :)

Kierrasmommie, Annaum hardly naps at all but soemtimes lm really lucky as she wont wake up till 11 am and thats if she has fallen asleep at 11 pm at nite, sometimes she will have her morning feed and then go to sleep for 2 hours however, its rare now that she willnap for 1 - 2 hrs straight?

Sarah- Grip water is great, dd not to kean on it though!

DD likes sleeping in her cot, but l still have problems trying ot get her to sleep early like 8 pm straigh ttill the next day perhapes she is too young? what do you think?

Well dd is nearly 13 pounds she really has slowed down her weight its been like 3-weeks and she has not put much weight on she is now 3 months and two weeks. I got her tooth checked out today and l think there may be another one coming as l can see some whiteness on her gum. I have to keep an eye on her tooth incase it does start to wobble. The dr has reffered dd tothe childrens hospital so they can see too. I would hate for dd to have to have them taken out as she is too young. Well l guess we will have to wait and see. Im looking forward to taking dd to see the christmas lights. DD also now can turn and lean on her side! I am alsoi reading to her and she loves to turn the pages. I am also doing some baby yoga with her its fun, l would advise it for you mums who have not trie dit yet. Any way bette rgo and have my soak in the bath! :) take care all

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