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It is probably a combination of the extra sleep he has been getting during the day and feeling sick too. Kaden woke up more than normal because he couldn't breathe clearly in the beginning so I had to use the saline and suction...I'm glad that is over! It may take a couple days after he feels better to get back to the same routine but don't worry, I'm a big softie and would be doing the exact same thing. Hope he feels better soon. They say cool mist vaporizors are best. Does yours have a spot that you can put eucalyptus oil to help with his congestion? If not, depending on what type of machine you have, you may be able to add a few drops of it directly to the water, it smells just like Vicks vapor rub and helps clear up your nose...but be sure to just use a couple drops at a time or whatever the bottle says if you go with the specialized vapor packages for machines. I also found out Benelyn makes plug ins similiar to those air freshoner plug ins but with the soothing vapors for colds...they weren't too expensive I think $11.00 for the plug in (not sure how many cartridges it comes with) and $4.00 for refills...I didn't get them this time round because everywhere I looked was sold out. I really like that idea though because it's so much easier and I know my vaporisor had a build up of mildew in the motor in where you can't get to for cleaning (so the machine is in the garbage now) but these would eliminate the need for water and decrease the risk of mildew.

I wouldn't get the (boppy is what they call them isn't it?) pillow unless you think it would be useful for future babies, Annaum wouldn't be able to use it for very long. I thought about getting one strictly for breastfeeding but found bed pillows worked just as well. And they do cost quite a bit...but I also remember watching a story on the news a couple years ago about a baby who nearly suffocated from one of those pillows...The baby had been sitting in the pillow for support and the parent had left the room for a minute or two and came back in and found the baby had turned and rolled over and was blue from somehow cutting off his oxygen supply because he couldn't get free until the parent found them, imagine if that parent had been much longer before coming back in the room?...When we first started practising I just sat on the floor with one leg on either side of Kaden if he fell back he fell onto my belly, if he fell sideways I would usually catch him, but he would just half fall before my legs broke his fall. Otherwise if you use cushions just get 3 bed pillows and shape them in a [U]V[/U] but stay close...that boppy pillow story has really made me paranoid.

Well, I bought Kaden a tie for his outfit for the wedding. I don't know if it will work though...I had seen elastisized ties before Christmas that have a thin elastic that goes around the shirt collar, but they don't have them anymore, they shipped them out after Christmas...I went to about 5 or so places today and the only kind I could find for Kaden's age/size was a clip on (I found toddler ones that would have worked but they hung too far down) ...the only thing is Kaden's dress shirt fits him perfectly in the arms and body with a bit of room to spare...BUUUUUT, his little neck is so fat that I don't think I can do up the top button! In which case the tie won't work unless I attach it to some elastic myself. Then the elastic would make the shirt lok like it was done up all the way but still be somewhat comfortable. I can't get a bigger dress shirt because it would look too big everywhere else even if the neck fit better...My poor little (big) man! I will have to dress him up tomorrow and see, I guess I can always return it and find him something else to wear, but I thought the tie would be so cute!

Kierra got a cute velour purple dress with funky tights to match.

Well, Kaden is up so gotta run, talk to you all soon.

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