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Hi Boo

I also get a little surprised by the size of some of the babies. I just weighed H today (she'll be six months on Saturday) and she was 7.3kg / 16.1lbs and that is just about on the 50th percentile of the growth charts. It doesn't matter what percentile they are on as long as they aren't crossing the lines either up or down. Some variation is normal month on month but if your baby was on the 75th percentile and they are dropping down towards the 25th then it's worth checking everything is ok. Oh, also the growth charts are based on bottle-fed babies and breast fed babies tend to be a bit lighter.

Sorry to hear that Annaum has excema. H also has it. It started when she was about 3 months old and basically covers her whole body although it's worst on her chest and stomach and on her hands. You may want to try any or all of the following:

[*]Don't use soap in the bath. Use a soap subsitute such as epaderm cream.
[*]Use a non-detergent laundry ball (Lakeland sell them) and don't use fabric softner. You can also get dryer balls instead of using softner in the dryer.
[/list] [list]
[*]Don't let the air in her room get too dry. Hang a humidifier (or just a bowl of water) on the radiator.
[*]Use lots of moisturiser. I've found the Epaderm cream to be good and you can get it on perscription from your health visitor.
[*]Finally think about Annaum's diet (and your own if you are breast feeding). It could be that she has an intolerance to a certain food.

Recently I've stopped eating any dairy products and I don't feed her any and her excema has improved over the last few weeks. Just to be sure though I'm going to re-introduce dairy and see if it flares up again because the improvement could have been from something else I changed. Good luck!


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