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S&J It was you that went to the pool, I got you and Boo mixed up because you both had family gatherings the same week!
I pumped about 3 ounces of milk and mixed it with one tablespoon of was the "Nestle Starter" rice cereal and it was really quite runny, it's supposed to be like that, the better they get at their spoon feeding, the thicker you can make the cereal on a gradual basis. After he eats and I wipe him up, then I breastfeed him (from the same side I pumped first, then the other if he is interested)until he doesn't want anymore. If you don't pump it says you can use previously boiled and cooled water, but I prefer the breastmilk, it is better for them than the water. (you can use formula too I think) I only did it 2 afternoons in a row, when he was extremely cranky and he was pretty much inconsolable...not today though. After him being cranky for a week or so and trying that and seeing the difference I am almost positive he must just need more...he is about the sixe of a 6 month old so I wonder if that has made a difference. He has his pediatrician appointment tomorrow so I'll find out...if Kaden is cranky tonight I may try cereal before his bath, then breastfeed him to sleep and see if it makes a difference in how long he sleeps for...I told one of my friends how I felt bad for starting him before I talked with the pediatrician, and she said she didn't always go by the books, sometimes you need to take cues from the made sense because when Kierra was about 6 months old she went through a stage where she stopped sleeping like she used to...she went from regular 7 hour stretches to 3-4 hours at a time, after a month I asked if it could be that she needed something more than her cereal and then topping up with breastmilk before bed and they said it was possible, so after her spoonfed cereal she'd have a bath then get a slightly thickened a bottle of breastmilk with rice cereal (still very runny though) and it helped quite a bit.
Boo, I'm sure they'll accept her passport, they will see she obviously has little control at her young age.
For those of you who don't want blankets in bed with baby...try buying those 1 piece fleece sleepers in a bigger size and put it over babys regular cotton sleeper...the second layer is as good as a blanket but no risk of going over babys head, that's what we used to do when we took Kierra camping...I have a blanket in Kadens bed but it is tucked in at the foot and the sides like Laur said. The blanket only goes up to under his armpits. Kaden also has that wedge thing that prevents them from rolling over onto their belly, so he doesn't go anywhere when he is in that...and I tuck the 2 top corners under each side of the wedge so there is no loose blanket corners. Worked with Kierra and seems good with Kaden, once he outgrows the wedge I'll re-evaluate the blanket and see if the bigger sleepers are better.
Laur Kaden had a good chuckle the other night too, up until then it was just a littl "hee hee" not an all out chuckle...I can't wait until I can get some hysterical giggling out of him.
Kiedy, thats great about the teeth...are you still breastfeeding? I am worried about Kaden getting teeth and biting...Kierra didn't get her first tooth until she was 9 months old (late teether) so I didn't have to worry about that because I had weaned her by the time it poked through.
Well, I should go,
Hi Boo,
Yeah I figured packing some boxes would scare him and he might take me seriously, he did and was great for 2 weeks, but messed up again this weekend, so I told him he no longer has a choice he has to do counselling as that is my last resort. My sister thinks that he keeps doing this because he doesn't have consequences when he messes up, I don't agree but I guess I may have to start playing hardball and see if she is right.

Kaden did quite awhile to eat in the beginning but with practice they get better, especially if dinner is something they relly like. Kaden sometimes doesn't even give me a chance to fill the spoon again and he is yelling at me that I'm not going fast enough.

So far he has eaten all the single grain cereals (barley, rice and oat) and I've only given him the "beginner" rated baby foods. I think the next rating is 6 months so I will get those next time I go shopping.

Don't be discouraged by Annaum's weight. Don't forget she weighed less than some of the other babies at birth plus she lost some weight in the beginning so had a slow gain to start. Also girls do grow at a slower rate and are also more often smaller than boys. Kierra was 8 1/2 months old before she weighed what Kaden weighed at 5 months.

Troy will be rolling before you know it. Kaden just started rolling from his back onto his tummy just over a week ago now, but he is getting the hang of it. He still rolls from his tummy to his back best. I guess all his floor time has helped. He plays on his playmat every morning plus a couple times throughout the day...he generally doesn't stay on his belly long so I don't call it tummy time anymore.

The teeth can be so unpredictable. Kierra's teeth were very slow...heck she didn't even get her first tooth until she was 9 months old! But even once I saw signs of a tooth coming it could take a week or more to finally poke through. But my best friends little guy one night had no teeth and the next afternoon he had sprouted 3 teeth...just poking through but above the gums anyway. Speaking of teeth.... :eek: one of my friends took her little guy (just 2 months younger than Kierra) to the dentist (his first time) and he has 6 cavities! I am so happy Kierra had a cavity free checkup, hearing that made me want to make sure even more that Kierras teeth are really well taken care of.

I miss the baby carrier too. But Kaden is a pretty good sleeper, most times I can move him to his reclined stroller or bring him into the house still sleeping. Kierra was never like that, she'd wake up as soon as I opened my door to get out of the vehicle and she never would go back to sleep, I honestly don't recall her sleeping in her stroller except once or twice while camping and only after taking a very long walk.

Thats great you got such a great deal, sounds like that highchair will be very useful...I love that it converts to a booster seat too. We bought a separate one for Kierra originally for camping or travelling but we use it in the house too.

I gotta give Kaden some more sitting practice. He can sit with pillows or my legs on either side of him but he doesn't last more than a minute or so.

As for the feeding thing, I think a day means 24 hours from the start of one day to the start of the next day, so night feedings would be included. Kaden still wakes up every 3 - 3 1/2 hours through the night to eat but I'm going to ask his pediatrician next month if I can do something to wean that to longer times between feedings, or if he still needs the nourishment because of his size. Otherwise Kaden usually has 2 solid food meals a day one before his afternoon nap and one before bed. He gets cereal mixed with breastmilk, and I add the jarred vegetable baby food right into the cereal. The fruit he gets as a dessert after the veggies. Then after he is done I offer the breast as a drink to wash down his meal.

Well, Kaden is still sick, poor little guy I feel so sad for him, I even feel a bit of guilt because I should be protecting him from getting sick, I know thats dumb but I do feel guilty, if I would have just stayed home that night he would have been fine. He is really stuffed up so I have to use saline drops and then use the bulb syringe to try and suction his nose and he HATES that. I only use the fat tip syringe I've heard the smaller longer tipped bulb syringes are dangerous for their noses because they can go too deep...anyhow, that doesn't work for very long so he ends up breathing through his mouth most of the time now. His cough doesn't sound much better either, and he doesn't like taking his medicine very much, but I get it into him eventually. The Dr said if he wasn't much better to bring him back in a day or 2 so I'm going to see how he is tomorrow and decide.

Oh, I almost forgot I was watching the news tonight and I don't know where, but somewhere in the world, 2 men saw something floating in the water of a lake or river and they fished out this knotted garbage bag and opened it to find a 2 month old baby girl! :mad: She is fine luckily! They showed the video of them opening the bag and there was water in the bag so she could have drowned or suffocated so easily had those men not been there at that exact time and saw the bag. The mother was arrested and is being charged she claimed she didn't have the money to care for her anymore :blob_fire (!?!) Hello!!!! Since when does that give you the right to kill your child?! What the heck is this world coming to that people think that killing their babies is better than giving them up to a loving family to raise as their own? I was angered to see that not only was the mother dressed to the 9's and had her hair and makeup just perfect, but the baby had been dressed in a cute pink outfit with a matching headband and all...if she was so broke how did she afford for her and her baby to look like they were so well off? And makes you wonder what was going through her mind as she dressed her adorable innocent baby girl then placed her in a garbage bag and tied a knot and walked away? Sad, sad world when you think of how much we love our little babies and then hear about these stories and can't imagine how those poor little babies are so unjustly unlucky to come into a world to parents who don't deserve them. :( sounds like you got some great stuff and a great deal!
What I've started doing with feeding time with Troy is this:
wakes up around 7-8am- Nurse
9-10am:(breakfast)5-6 tbsp cereal...2 tbsp veggies and 1 tbsp of prunes (to keep him regular)
I also give him some water from a sippy cup
After this feed he usually goes down for a nap
Around 11-12 He has the same amount of food as breakfast with water
Around 1pm I nurse
He plays after and then has another nap
He has supper around 5-6pm (same amt as breakfast and lunch) and I nurse him after
He then plays and has his nightly routine...bath etc and then he nurses once more at 8-8:30pm and is down for the night. He hasn't woken up to nurse during the night for about a month now.
I hope this helps? Troy used to nurse every 3 hours and have cereal..but I think he was just in the habit of eating every 3 hours because he's so big..and I realized that he just might be thirsty so giving him the water does the trick.
I know everyone feeds there babies differently...and I find that it helps hearing different ways so you can find your pattern! Trust me I've done a million different things and this has been the way that's worked for us :)
Good luck!!

Kierrasmommy--OMG i saw that on the news too...I almost cried for the baby and could NOT imagine how anyone could do this to their own child. I was very angry at the mother as well. If she couldn't deal with her beautiful baby girl...go get some help..there are millions of people out there who would love to adopt.
I'm sorry that your hubby is being the way he is..good for you to put your foot and down and tell him he needs to go see a counselor.
I know Troy will be rolling sometime! hopefully:) I guess he's just developmentally behind..I have to remember that he was 3 weeks early..but i heard that most children are the same at a certain age -3 yrs?

Well i better get going..Troy is having his first hair cut today! His hair is hanging over his eyes and i have to tuck a lot of it behind his ears!! ahhhh it's so long!
Take care everyone!!
S :)
Joanne..i only let Troy cry for 2 min...and then i keep going in and giving him his soother and rubbing his side. I tried letting him cry for 5 min but we couldn't do it. I still sometimes pick him up b/c i feel so bad...
i'm finding that Troy will sleep longer thru the night if he naps more during the day..i know it sounds weird but that's what I've noticed it!
he was at my parents the other day and he only napped for 1/2 dad said that woo he'a going to sleep tonight! but nope he didn't.
i've read that some babies need more sleep during the day and others don't in order for them to sleep at night..I'm probably sounding crazy and could be wrong!
Kaden hopefully will sleep better for you soon! you need to do what makes you feel better..start at 1 min and work to 5. :)
do you have background noise? I have the humidifier going and a lullabye cd.
You'll get through this!

Kiedy - good to hear that your thyroid is normal! A few years ago I used to be very tired and i had some bloodwork done and found that I had to get vit b12 shots once a month..maybe check into that?

Laur77- i'm sorry to hear about your back pain :( I hope the weather changes for you!

Well i had Troy weighed and he's 23lbs. I was told to stop feeding him cereal 3 times/day only for b'fast with a fruit and then a veggie/meat for lunch and meat/fruit for supper.
Well it's time for b'fast....ttyl!
S :)

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