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Hi Guys,
Well it looks like Kaden is napping just as well as your little ones...I could swear Kierra slept more. Kaden goes to bed at midnight and gets up for the day between 10 and 11am...he usually wakes up 2-3 times during the night for a feeding...the first stretch is usually 4 to 4 1/2 hours...then usually 3 hours then he sleeps restlessly so I bring him into bed and he sleeps with me the rest of the morning. I think I'll try shortening or moving his last nap of the day though, that may be why he doesn't sleep longer than 4 1/2 hours. He is doing really well with his cereal but it hasn't really helped his sleeping...I don't know what his limit is yet though....he seems to eat and eat and eat...once this week I gave him 6 tablespoons of cereal mixed with about 5 tablespoons of breastmilk and he seemed like he would still eat if there was more in the bowl. He really likes it too, he gets excited when the spoon comes and he opens his mouth before its even there for him, and he kicks his feet like a wild man between spoonfuls. And depending on how hungry he is, if you spoon feed him too slow he sure lets you know about it. LOL. With the bottle thing, I looked and there aren't any more types of nipples to try so I am going to just keep trying but make DH do it in case it's just a Mommy is feeding me so why can't I have the boob scenario...I did try one of those bagliner bottles and cut the nipple bigger and pushed the milk but he still wouldn't take it. But he sure has a temper. Thanks for all the suggestions though. I really appreciate it, I think I will try the sippy cup tomorrow...I have one with a rubber spout that is great for starters, Kierra wouldn't take the hard spout sippy cup until after she learned how to drink from this one so it's definately worth a try...I told my sister if she ever babysits and he refuses to take a bottle at least I know he'll eat his cereal. Oh and Kiedy, don't be too hard on yourself we all go through something that makes us feel like the worst Mom out there...when Kierra was just a newborn...I'm sure younger than Kaden is now I waited until she was sleeping to cut her nails but as I was cutting them she startled and moved and I ended up cutting the top layer of two of skin off her finger, I was so upset, it bled for a little while and to this day I feel guilty about it and every time I cut Kaden's nails it reminds me about it...I am super careful with Kaden and it takes me forever to cut his nails beacuse of it.
For the pacifier'll be very soon that they can put it in their mouth by themselves...I remember Kierra would have 4 pacifiers in her crib each night, 2 in each corner so she'd always be able to find one, until then I'd just pop it in her mouth and go back to sleep.
Laur, goodluck with the needles, I know it's a handful with 2 kids, usually I leave Kaden in his carseat so I can carry him and the seat together, and the mitts I stick in our pockets and the jackets and Kadens blanket I usually lay across the diaper bag...his diaper bag has a middle section flap that zips on both sides with velcro at the end so if I lay the stuff across his diaper bag I can use that middle section flap as a strap to hold it all in place by laying it over and velcro-ing it to secure...don't know if that made any sense.
We all went for a bath together tonight (Kierra Kaden and me) and Kaden thought it was the best thing ever! Kierra was squirting the bottom of his feet with her toys and they'd both laugh at each other, it was the cutest thing. He is just amazed by his sister, if she is within eyesight, he is most likely watching her, I have to get her to move if I am trying to take a picture or feeding him otherwise he will just stare at her and ignore me. LOL
Well, I should go, Talk to you all soon,
Have a great weekend.
P.S How is the Christmas shopping going? I am having a hard time finding stuff for Kaden, so far I got him 3 sleepers, 3 bibs, a LeapPad Learning Caterpiller, and 2 sets of Peek-A-Boo Blocks. I would have finished my shopping yesturday but I realized the night before that for some reason my unemployment cheque was 1/2 of what it should have been, I called the next day and sure enough they "forgot" to enter my 35 weeks of parental leave I only got a 1 week cheque for what they thought was my final pay of maternity I still have 35 weeks of benefits to go, but I don't know when they'll adjust it, they will call me Monday. 'll go, sorry it was such a long you guys read it all when I go nuts like that?
OK, I think Kaden is either going through a growth spurt or the little brat just wants to sleep with Mommy! The last several days he's been sleeping horribly, he'll sleep for about 2 hours sometimes less. He seems hungry though because he fusses right up until he latches on then he is quiet, he'll eat for a bit then fall asleep. I feel so drained, weird how easy it was to cope with getting up every 2 hours with a newborn but now that he's 4 months old it turns you into a zombie. Today I'm going to try and cut down his napping and see if he'll take a bottle before bed thickened with cereal and see if that helps....the only thing is I have a ton of running around to do today so I don't know how well we'll do with keeping him from napping so long.

What time is the last nap you give your little ones during the day...and how many hours is that nap before bedtime. I should also mention that Kaden now goes to bed at around 9pm...remember he used to nap at 9 then I'd officially put him to bed after the next feeding and bath....I've changed it to the earlier bedtime, but he had been doing well with it for the first while so I think the sleep issue I mentioned above is unrelated to that.

I forgot to tell you something else, the last few days when Kaden goes for a nap, when he wakes up he cries until we come into his room to get him, but AS SOON as he sees the door open he shuts right up and he's saying, "Ha Ha made you look!" :D

Well, I should go get ready and get going. Talk to you tonight.

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