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S&J, Kierra did that before (not have BM for a day or two then went quite a bit once she started again) I had asked her pediatrician and he said it's normal as long as she wasn't showing any signs of being constipated, in pain, straining etc. Kaden used to go at least several times a day (pretty much everytime he peed he'd poop too) and now he is down to once a day.
I went to the library yesturday and got the Happiest Baby On The Block book, I also got the No Cry Sleep Solution which I started reading lastnight, it sounds promising from the stories of success she discusses in her book, but I haven't gotten to the tricks yet, so I guess we'll see in a month or two. There is a story about a 3 month old in there who had success by day 45 of the No Cry Sleep Solution, so it sounds possible. Kaden is having more problems sleeping during the day and early mornings than he does first thing at night but I'm hoping he'll learn to sleep better after I read these books. Anyone else having problems getting thier babies to sleep well during the day? Kaden is sleeping in his swing right now but it seems like he doesn't sleep very deeply because I have to go to him several times to put his sucky back in, if he sleeps in his bassinette or crib he doesn't sleep very long at all. In the evenings he sleeps good because I've gotten into a routine of giving him a late evening bath, then I rub the nighttime lotion on him and get him dressed, top up his belly a bit and once he falls asleep I put him in his crib and he has been very good lately at staying asleep...the odd time he'll wake up, but most nights he falls asleep well, and even after feedings he normally tends to stay asleep, but once it gets closer to morning he seems to be a lighter sleeper and will wake up shortly after I lay him back in his crib, then I end up having to bring him to bed with me to prevent him from crying enough to wake up Kierra. This morning I tried to put him back in his crib at 6am after a feeding and he woke up within 5 minutes and wouldn't go back to sleep so I had to take him to bed with me, and once I layed him on my chest he fell right back to sleep. He sleeps on his tummy on my chest quite well, he turns his head from side to side easily fact too easily, I sometimes have to gently hold his head down so he falls asleep and not plays around turning his head side to side. Makes me wonder if he would sleep well on his tummy if he does it so well when he sleeps on me that way, but I am so scared to even try it. I know I probably shouldn't be so scared because when we think of how many years all mothers used to put their babies to sleep on thier bellies before SIDS research said thier back is best...but I still am scared.
Well, I seem to be rambling, so I'll go for now. Any advice or feedback would be appreciated. Hope you all are doing well. Talk to you soon.

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