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Sarah did you have a good nap?
Spanish, thats good to know, Kadens hair is never messy so I rarely comb it but I will from now on.
BooBoo, how is her scalp doing, and did you get the rash checked?
I had an eventful evening, Kierra told me she had to blow her nose but couldn't get it and she asked me to clean her nose, so I looked and I could see something but it was deep, so I tried to teach her to blow hard, which didn't work, so I used Kaden's suction bulb on her, only to realize she had stuck a small soft plastic craft bead up her nose! I couldn't get it out, so we went to the Medicentre and they got it out, by then it was so close to the end of her nose I'm sure I could have gotten it out but I was already there so we stayed, I also got the Dr to make sure there was nothing else up there. Brat! I never thought she would do that but it seems to be a stage all kids go through, my nephew stuck a peice of foam from his pillow up his nose and didn't tell anyone for a long time, my sister ended up taking him to the Dr when she couldn't figure out why he smelled weird, turned out the foam was causing an infection from being in there so long...yuck. And last year I had brought Kierra to the Health Centre because she had a high fever and there was a little guy who had stuck a piece of foil up his nose. What makes them do it noone will ever know.
I have a question for those of you who much are you getting out each pump? And when you first started what was the amount....I have a dentist appointment tomorrow (cleaning and check up) so my sister is coming with me and she is going to take Kaden for a walk and watch him and Kierra while I'm in there, and if she can't handle him (he is a Mommy's boy and sometimes I am the only one who can settle him down) she can get the nurse to come ge me...anyhow I decided to pump some milk in case he gets hungry...this is the first time I have pumped for him, but I was able to get 5oz!!! I was shocked. With Kierra when I first started pumping, I was lucky if I got a couple tablespoons the first time and it took awhile for me to get up to 5oz in one pump...and I started pumping around now with her too...tomorrow Kaden will be 2 months old, after my dentist appointment I will go get him case you are wondering why I weigh him so much it's because his babybook has a chart that goes by his age each month so in order to chart it properly I have to weigh him each month...I did with Kierra too so it's a good way to compare them....although he is growing faster by far, it's a boy thing I think. Then after he gets weighed I have to go to the library because the book (Happiest Baby On The Block) is in for me. Well, that's all for now I'll come post tomorrow. Talk to you all soon.

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