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Well, at least he knows how you're feeling...even if it is through email. I think i would have been doing the same thing if it was me. He does seem like a busy guy..especially with him working full time...but he still needs to come home to his family. I hope your sister can try and help and I hope things start to get better soon.

Troy hasn't started to roll over yet..he's not even close!! I wonder if we should be working on that? Does Kaden sleep through the night? Troy doesn't..he goes to sleep at about 10pm and then he likes to get up at 1:30-2am (this is about an hour and a half before it's time to eat) so i give him his pacifier..he falls asleep till about 3am and eats..and then is wide awake at 6:30am-7am. I guess this is better than we he was first born..he was eating every 2 hours and lasting for an hour!

Also..will you be starting Kaden on formula? If so..when would you start? Would it be ok to breastfeed through the day and give him a bottle once? and maybe alternating days?(breastmilk one afternoon and then formula the next?) you think formula makes babies more gassy? Anyone can answer this question too if you're doing something like this :)

Troy is also in 6mos clothes...he's starting to wear a few 6-9mos too...they're a little big but they're not as snug as some of the 6 mos! :)
It's amazing what the sizing of baby clothes are!

Well talk to you ladies soon! It's feeding time!
S :D
Ok yeah, Tala stinks big time. She has always had a lot of gas and she is formula feed, which I understand makes it worse. My boyfriend is always saying he can smell her farts a good 30 minutes after she lets one. It doesn't really bother me, I guess my sense of smell isn't as good as his.

S&J--I know just what you mean...I remember when I was breastfeeding hoping she would poop. I would be excited when she did since I would worry after a while. I didn't breastfeed for long, but I do remember it. Now Tala poops every morning before we leave for daycare and again in the evening, right before bedtime. She is very regular. I am not sure if she is going during the day since she is in daycare and they do not tell me unless she has diarrea of something.

Our doctor's appointment is tomorrow...we are very excited about finding out how much she weighs and how tall she is. I know she has really grown but it will be nice to know how much.

Talk to you all later.

S&J It was you that went to the pool, I got you and Boo mixed up because you both had family gatherings the same week!
I pumped about 3 ounces of milk and mixed it with one tablespoon of was the "Nestle Starter" rice cereal and it was really quite runny, it's supposed to be like that, the better they get at their spoon feeding, the thicker you can make the cereal on a gradual basis. After he eats and I wipe him up, then I breastfeed him (from the same side I pumped first, then the other if he is interested)until he doesn't want anymore. If you don't pump it says you can use previously boiled and cooled water, but I prefer the breastmilk, it is better for them than the water. (you can use formula too I think) I only did it 2 afternoons in a row, when he was extremely cranky and he was pretty much inconsolable...not today though. After him being cranky for a week or so and trying that and seeing the difference I am almost positive he must just need more...he is about the sixe of a 6 month old so I wonder if that has made a difference. He has his pediatrician appointment tomorrow so I'll find out...if Kaden is cranky tonight I may try cereal before his bath, then breastfeed him to sleep and see if it makes a difference in how long he sleeps for...I told one of my friends how I felt bad for starting him before I talked with the pediatrician, and she said she didn't always go by the books, sometimes you need to take cues from the made sense because when Kierra was about 6 months old she went through a stage where she stopped sleeping like she used to...she went from regular 7 hour stretches to 3-4 hours at a time, after a month I asked if it could be that she needed something more than her cereal and then topping up with breastmilk before bed and they said it was possible, so after her spoonfed cereal she'd have a bath then get a slightly thickened a bottle of breastmilk with rice cereal (still very runny though) and it helped quite a bit.
Boo, I'm sure they'll accept her passport, they will see she obviously has little control at her young age.
For those of you who don't want blankets in bed with baby...try buying those 1 piece fleece sleepers in a bigger size and put it over babys regular cotton sleeper...the second layer is as good as a blanket but no risk of going over babys head, that's what we used to do when we took Kierra camping...I have a blanket in Kadens bed but it is tucked in at the foot and the sides like Laur said. The blanket only goes up to under his armpits. Kaden also has that wedge thing that prevents them from rolling over onto their belly, so he doesn't go anywhere when he is in that...and I tuck the 2 top corners under each side of the wedge so there is no loose blanket corners. Worked with Kierra and seems good with Kaden, once he outgrows the wedge I'll re-evaluate the blanket and see if the bigger sleepers are better.
Laur Kaden had a good chuckle the other night too, up until then it was just a littl "hee hee" not an all out chuckle...I can't wait until I can get some hysterical giggling out of him.
Kiedy, thats great about the teeth...are you still breastfeeding? I am worried about Kaden getting teeth and biting...Kierra didn't get her first tooth until she was 9 months old (late teether) so I didn't have to worry about that because I had weaned her by the time it poked through.
Well, I should go,
HI everyone! I have a question about cereal.
Troy is breastfeeding about every3-3.5hours..i was giving him a few teaspoons of cereal after the morning feed....When can i start giving him more? Should i just feed him off one side and then give him some cereal? And what if i just breastfeed him and then maybe an hour later offer him some cereal? I'm concerned about him getting thirsty if i just offer him cereal...because for sure the water/formula/breastmilk doesn't quench his thirst? I hope i haven't confused any of you!! I've also started trying to give him some water in a sippy cup.

As for the tummy time..he will stay on his tummy for only a few minutes still and hasn't rolled over. When i roll him almost on his tummy he will roll back onto his back. He still hasn't rolled to his side..i've tried laying beside him and putting toys to his side so he'll try and reach for them but nope he hasn't done that on his own...should i be concerned? Is there anyone else out there whose baby hasn't rolled on their side/tummy yet?

Other than that he's doing fine everywhere else..loves his jollyjumper..can sit alone for a few cooing...grasping his toys and trying to put things in his mouth...tries to sit up when he's in his bouncy chair and swing..and he doesn't like to be in his bouncy chair and swing for long either.

Also i have to get my gall bladder out in Jan as i have mulitple stones!! ewww i haven't really had surgery's only a day thing but being put out kind of scares me!
Well...i better get packing as dh, Troy and I are heading to Sask. to see his mom tommorow for a few days!

Talk to you all soon!
S :)
Hi all!
Had Troy weighed and measured and he's a whopping 20lbs and 28 inches! Our new car seat should be showing up in the next week which we really need now! He's almost at his limit.

He's had carrots and ate them without any's been 3 days and now i'm going to try sweet potatoes tomorrow! Also I'm going to try the Nestle Wheat Cereal...I use the Heinz but haven't seen a wheat one for that lately...I hope he reacts well to it!
I better get going...dh has supper ready!

Talk to you all soon!
Kierrasmommy...hope your husband has the "hint" now!! :)

Also, how many tablespoons of cereal do you all give your little ones?
I'm up to about 6 tbsps twice a day. I'm wondering if that's too much? I know on the heinz cereal box it says about 3 tbsp or according to your babies size and on the nestle cereal box it says up to 6-9 tbsp!
I was just wondering what you're all doing!

I'm also trying to elliminate a breastfeed time....Troy eats every 3 hours still so the late morning feed is the one i'm going to substitute with cereal and a veggie and a couple oz. of formula. what are your ladies thoughts on that?
Troy has his 6mos appt at the end of this week so i'll ask the dr then..but i just wanted your opinions!
Well hope you're all well!
S :)

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