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Kiedy, you totally remind me of me! I found my first white hair about a month ago and I told DH it's all the stress he's been causing me that's giving me white hair...I've only found 2 1/2 white hairs total to date, but I made sure to tell him he's probably the cause of them...well, I know the lack of sleep with my little Kaden isn't helping either.

Glad your trip was ok, I know what you mean about parents not listening, my mom likes to do things the old fashioned way...I still remember that time she almost dipped Kadens pacifier in honey so he'd stop crying. She didn't understand why I almost had a fit! Until I explained the risk of listeria or is it salmonella poisoning.

DH has also been doing more with Kaden, I thought it was the last lecture I gave him about his going out and me feeling like a single parent, but mayeb this is just the age that the husbands feel more comfortable handling the babies...when they are a bit older and more interactive.

Kaden doesn't like chunky foods either, a few times I've let him taste what we are eating...mashed potatoes, or cream of corn (minus the kernel shells) and today I let him try the soup we had for lunch with finely mashed crackers, he made a face every bite. I'm sure Kierra was eating more chunky foods by this age, but Kaden still likes boob better. Typical little man.

I didn't get my period but did have 3 days worth of on and off again cramping so I'm assuming that either my uterus is still contracting, or this is the approximate time of the month that I would be getting my period...I'm going to keep track of those type of cramps and see if there is a cycle to it.

DH goes for his vasectomy of the 22nd...I still have mixed feelings. I know I am happy with my 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and I'm not getting any younger (I'll be 32 in a week) but I love being pregnant and the newborn stage...I wouldn't miss the sleepless nights but everything else I will miss. I know this is the best decision though, we want both kids to be in sports and we want to travel with the kids so if we were to have a larger family it would mean less chance of all of that. I guess just the reality of knowing that this is it is a big thing. I don't know if that at all made sense, or is I worded it's kinda hard to explain how I feel...I guess sad that it (childbearing) is over but glad at the same time?

Are anyones babies getting on hands and knees yet? I have been trying to get Kaden to practice it (we go on the floor and I place his feet on my knees and push him into the crawling position but hold his chest up so he doesn't do a face plant) and he does NOT like to be on his knees at when he was on his knees I let him kinda sit up on his knees and he liked that but he hates putting his hands down into the crawling position.

I had some friends over Saturday for scrapbooking, it was so much fun! I guess the company is what makes or breaks the event, but one of my friends is so funny...she is a ditsy, high energy type girl and she just makes you laugh so much. We spent so much time visiting and looking at each others books and pictures but in the end we did get some really cool pages. Kierra went to a movie and sleep over at my sisters place so DH just had Kaden to watch, but Kaden was cranky...partly because DH let him fall asleep too late in the evening so he refused to go to bed at his regular time, and partly because he just wanted to be up and with Mom.

Well, I should go, I just remembered DH asked me to do some calling around for him. Talk to you all soon.
I know what it's like...when Kadens tooth was coming in I softened up on the CIO thing and now I've got to get Kaden sleeping like he's like we took 2 steps forward and one back.

I don't know if I've been doing full out speed walking...I mean I walk as fast as my little feet will take me, but I don't do the funny walk like I've seen those true speed walkers do...where they look like their hips are out of their sockets. LOL. But I am walking none the less so it is good...I think I've already noticed a bit of flab starting to melt away...I just have to figure out how to tighten up the loose paunch on my belly, I was ALL belly and stuck out so far when I was pregnant with both kids that I have loose skin now. I saw an info-mercial for this exersize program (Turbo Jam) and it looked like fun, I was SO close to calling and ordering it. It had cool music and it was like a fun kickboxing, dance workout and they gaurantee you will lose 10 pounds in 10 days. But it was $60.00 so I didn't order it...only thing that stopped be was thinking of all the exersize videos I already have that I never use...I was scared to order it and then just have that to add to my useless pile of videos that I don't like...I think I would have enjoyed it though from the clips of workouts steps they showed. I'm going to see if my sister wants to go halfers on it with me.

How old is your little one now? Teeth can come anytime really, I know Kierra started drooling and chewing at 3 months but she didn't get her first tooth until over 9 months. Kaden got his at 7 months, DH's neice didn't get hers until 18 months! (Can you imagine?!) and my best friends little girl got her first tooth at 3 or 4 months! Kadens popped up quick, I looked one day and there was no sign of anything at all, not even swollen, then 3 days later he had a tooth...I didn't look for a couple days because I had a sinus cold and didn't want to get him sick.

K, I have a pablum and baby cereal 2 different things? If so, in Canada what brand name is pablum? I don't think I've seen it, I've seen all the formulas and cereals but I don't recall seeing pablum...the reason I'm asking is because my friend has a 3 month old and asked her health nurse when she should be starting cereal, she explained that her DD seemed like she just wasn't getting filled up enough with nursing. The nurse said "Oh you mean Pablum, cereal isn't until later". I want to know if there is Pablum that they drink...which is like a thickened formula I assume(?) because I'd like to try it on Kaden before bed to see if he'll sleep better, but I honestly don't think I've seen it, so want to know what name to look for. Maybe the couple times I looked for it they just didn't carry it at the stores I went to.

Kaden started a new thing yesturday, he scrunches up his nose and makes a funny face at you. He knows he's being funny.

The other day I let him sit on the lawn and he was so curious about the grass.. :D ..he even leaned all the way forward so he could try and eat some...of course he couldn't get any in his mouth, and even if he could I wouldn't have let him, YUCK, but it was fun watching.

Lastnight I put Kaden to bed and a while later I went to check on him and he had rolled over and was holding the bumper pad like it was a stuffed toy, but he had kicked off his blanket so I went to gently cover him up and he spun over with a HUGE grin on his face but he was still half asleep, it was so cute, he is always such a happy baby, I don't know how I lucked out with him...having him makes me realize how high maintenance Kierra was. She was colic for the first 3-4 months and then after that she was just prissy. She'd smile lots for us but getting her photos done at a studio was hell trying to get her to smile for a stranger...Kaden will smile at anyone and anything.

Well, I'm going to go, we are supposed to have AWESOME weather this week...even better than what it had forcast a couple days ago so I am excited!

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