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I saw the story on the news too, it happend in Brazil, I was shocked too, couldn't believe it. Now that I have my son, I just can't imagine how there are people out there not loving or caring for their babies. There was a story I heard some time ago about a woman who starved her 10mo old. It just sickens me, if they didn't want to take care of the baby, they should have given them away, many other people would have loved them. So unfare that these babies had to be born to such mothers, isn't it?

My parents and I don't have the best relationship right now, and I often find myself wandering if I got as many kisses and hugs as I give my DS. I want to make sure that he feels loved.

Kierrasmommy, too bad Kaden is sick, it was so hard to watch my DS be sick couple months ago. My DH brought it home, and we all got sick. DH is sick again, hopefully we will be ok this time.

I can't believe how much your kids eat. S&J, Troy has 8-9 table spoons of solids in one sitting, that's amazing. It's a struggle for me to even give my guy 3 table spoons. It is such a production, I sometimes scoop the food off of his plastic bib, b/c so much of it ends up there.

Kierrasmommy, I don't feed my guy at night anymore. He goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 8am, I still have to feed him at 5-6am, but I'm hoping to wean him off of that too. My SIL gave me a good tip. Her DD used to wake up at 5 to eat and she had to go to work at 7. So what she did when her DD woke up at 5, she would play with her for an hour and feed her at 6. After about a week she started waking up at 6 and not at 5. SIL said it was exhausting as she had to go to work after that but she persevered and it was worth it.

So, kierrasmommy, you can try to do the same. When Keden wakes up 12am to feed see if you will play w/ him for 1hr before you feed him. You will find that he will then wake up 1hr later for his next feeding. I tried variations of this. If my DS woke up at 2am, and would not go back to sleep w/ pacifier, I played w/ him until his NEXT feeding (around 6am). But after doing this for 3 days, I was sick from exhustion. I think that's just too much. So now if he wakes up at 1 or 2, I don't feed him and put him in his swing, where he usually cont. to sleep until 6 at which point I feed him. I'm tring to get him used to the fact that there is NO food coming duing that time, but I don't like relying so much on the swing. Maybe tomorrow I will start to stay up w/ him agian. Maybe I'd have more success if I did feed him at 3am instead. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO anymore. I'm trying to feed him during the day 1/2hr before he naps, so he doesn't always associated sleep w/ food, but it's hard to always time it well.

I have to tell you guys, DS is my first child, if someone told me 6 mo ago that he would still not be sleeping through the night at this time, I would have died. It' s absolutely amazing how I got used to the disruppted and limitted sleep.

First haircut, S&J, that's so cute, did you do it, or did you take him to a salon...that's so cute, take lots of pics. I've been trimming DS's hair on and off for couple of months now. He has these individual long hairs sticking strange. His hair is no where close to his eyes yet, probobly b/c his head is so big and the distance to his eyes is that much longer, lol.

You guys have a good day.

yes what you're doing would be considered CIO, there are many ways of doing it and going in after a period of time of crying is considered to be a gentler and newer way of CIO. From what I understand, the reason why they recommend that you increase the intervals of when you go in to reassure him, so that he doesn't learn that after crying for 5 min you will always come in. By going in every 5,10,15,30min etc, you're letting him know that you're there and he's safe but by increasing the interval you're also telling him that crying will NOT be rewarded by you coming in so it's not worth crying.

Like I said with my son I felt that I had to go cold turkey and no go in, especially that like you I found that around nap times he woud cry for about 20min and then fall asleep.

It's been three days now since I did it, and he continues to sleep through the night, YEY!!! It was funny, b/c this morning I woke up to him crying and thought "oh, no, he didn't sleep through the night", so I waited couple of minutes to see if he would settle down, but he was getting louder and louder so I checked the clock to see what time it was, ONLY to discover that he DID sleep all night and it was 7am and time to get up, lol.

Now the only trick will be to figure out how I can get him to sleep until 8am, lol.

Kierrasmommy, DS's voice sounded kind of raspy yesterday and I was worried that he may be getting a cold too, but so far so good. Too bad about the ear infection, but at least the doc caught it in time b/c it got bad. I should definitly look for those Brownies, I often find that the ready ones are often waay too sweet even for me. Oh, and congratulations on the 'da' from your son, I'm still patiently waiting for anything close to "ma", i think once he said "na", but that's it.
You're right about the house, so now we're thinking about building, our friends did it, and they didn't have to do a thing adn the house was ready in 4mo, and it was cheaper than buying that same house old.

Oh well, should go look at some house plans, talk to you soon,

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