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Well we had Christmas pictures taken on Sunday, we all wore black, red and cream, it looked really nice, but man it was hard to get both kids to look the same direction and smile at the same time.
We haven't had much tummy time lately so Kaden hasn't rolled from his belly to his back since that one day, but lastnight I layed him on the middle of my bed with his head elevated on a pillow and he tried to roll onto his belly, he was turning his head so far it was so close.
I think they start slowing down thier weight gains around this time because they are eating less often, and are more active, so they burn off more between feeds. Kaden has a Dr appointment next week so I'll see how much he weighs now. He has a very dry scalp right now...not cradle cap though, just dry flaky skin. I only wash his hair every 2nd or 3rd day now and I put Aveeno Baby lotion for dry skin on his head but it doesnt seem to want to go away.
Boo, I think it may be early still for our little ones to sleep through the entire nights, their teeny stomachs are onlt the size of their fist so it won't keep them full for very long. Kierra was an abnormally great sleeper but she started sleeping for 8 hrs straight the end of Februaray when she was just over 6 months old, In May (9 months old)she was regularly going to bed at 9pm and would wake at 7am for a feeding then sleep for another 3 hours.
Kaden isn't too fond of gripe water either, Kierra used to love hers though, a friend of mine said to experiment with brands because sometimes the different brands taste different.
Well I should go I want to go get some Christmas shopping done today. Talk to you all soon.
Oh! I read in my little Baby & Child Care Encyclopaedia that the OBs office had given me that some of the hints that baby is ready for solids are:
*holds own head up
*can sit with or without support
*likes to put things in his/her mouth
*makes up and down chewing motions
*breastfeeds more than 10 times per day, or drinks more than 40oz of formula
My Enfalac nutrition chart says 0-4 months is breastmilk and formula only, then 4-6 months you can add single grain cereals, then at 6 months solid baby foods can be added.
K Kaden is ready for a nap so I have to go, Talk to you all soon.
Hi all,

Kierrasmommie, when l read the bit about you packing l jumped to the conclusion that you were leaving dh, then as l read on l ****kled l think thats a really good idea, next time my dh pees me off l too will try the same!

Well l have STARTED TO WEAN ANNAUM:) I started off two days ago when l gave her 1 teaspoon of baby rice mixed with formula milk. I gave her Apricot and strawberry breakfast cereal and her caulifloiwer and broccoli with cheese for lunch twice a day. They are all Heninz and l only give her about 1 teaspoons. It takes me around 25 minutes to feed Annaum. How long did it take you folks? when you initially started weaning PLEASE? iT WAS QUITE AN EXPEIRENCE L AM GOING OT BE INVESTINGIN A BABY HIGH CHAIR SOON TOO.

Annaum weighs 16 ibs and 8 ounces. Im quite surprised at how heavy your babies all weigh! Annaum can not sit up alone unless she has plenty of cushions around her she can stand up and walk assisted. Anyway have to dash it is my little sisters birthday and l need to go out and get her a cake so l will chat to you lot later take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Troy's gums were swollen a few weeks before one poked through. I really didn't think that it would actually feel like a little razor blade! I felt his gums this morning and the other tooth has poked through too!

Laur77- Wow Logan is a big boy! Is he getting ready to crawl yet? Troy isn't..he just likes to sit and lunge forward or when he is on his tummy he rolls right over. I remember I used to be soooo stressed that he hated tummy time and wasn't rolling..and now he is. :) And how many tbsp of solids do you give Logan? Troy used to have a lot but has lessened his amt.

How many times is everyone nursing/formula feeding their little ones? Troy is only nursing about 3-4 times/day. Sometimes i'm glad but other times I'm not quite used to him going so long in between feeds! And when is everyone feeding solids and nursing? I just am curious so i can compare and see if what i'm going is still ok :)
He wakes up 7am- nurse
9:30am - cereal/fruit
11ish- nurse again(somedays he doesn't)
12-1ish- cereal/veggie/fruit
3-4ish- nurse
6ish - cereal/veggie/fruit

Do you guys think he's getting enough liquids? He has wet diapers. I give him water in sippy cup too sometimes..he only ever has an oz.
I'm sure i've posted this before but I like reassurance! :)
Thanks everybody!
talk to you soon!
S :)

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