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Hi all,

Laur77 wow thats a very healthy and cute big baby:) l am not getting Annaum weighed this week l got her weighed in about 2 weeks ago and she was aroun7 17lbs ish so l reckon she will be 18ibs ish this week.

Annuam is getting really cheeky she has developed a sweet tooth so no more dessserts for her. She loves her cheesey veggies though! However, she seems to have gone off carrots, she will refuse to swallow and open her mouth l am just amazed at how she learned to do this:rolleyes: She will start to cry if l try to force her to eat and sometimes l get really worried as it is her feed time say like 3-4 hours later and she wont eat, but will want formula and she doesnt even drink that much either say like 8 ounces, 7 ounces about 3 times a day. I try to give her an average of three meals a day. Oh and the funny thing is today l had heated up a cauliflower and chesse grill for myself and she wanted it: :bouncing: she refused to eat her carrots and broccoli but started to stick her tongue out:) So l gave her tiny tiny bit and you should have seen the way she was eating it like trying to imitate the way we eat! lol

Annaums clothes dont fit either as in she is about 6 months and 3 weeks and she still fits in to some 3-6 months clothes which l am running out of. Her 6-9 month clothes are a bit too long or big ANYONE ELSE WITH THIS PROBLEM?

Kierrasmommie, so sweet, l can just picture Kaden doing this! Lol

Well im off to my first exercise class 2maro (wednesday) it will an aerobics class with a very old friend of mine who bumped into whilst l was shopping! SO PLEASE PRAY THAT I SURVIVE THIS FITNESS THING AND COME OUT LOOKING LIKE J-LO!!!: :rolleyes: ok im off really tired byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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