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No Kaden hasn't rolled over since then, we haven't had time to play on the floor since that day so he hasn't had much chance, but this morning when I layed him on his belly to snap up the back of his diaper shirt (the 3 snaps down from the neck) he brought his leg up right under him so his butt was in the air a bit...if he had both legs up he would have had his butt up. I think he is going to crawl sooner than Kierra did, she was a late crawler, I'd have to check her baby book but we were almost sure she'd walk before she crawled. I'll let you know next time I post how old she book is still down here...she was 9 1/2 months old when she started crawling. And 15 months old when she walked alone, she'd walk with help from 6 months on, but unassisted wasn't until 15 months and I tricked her by bribing her with cheese to get her to walk that time. LOL.
Sometimes Kaden is like that and the only thing that will settle him is cuddling with Mommy...he'll just lay thre and stare at me for the longest time then fall asleep.
Speaking of falling asleep, how long do your babies nap for each time? It seems like Kaden doesn't nap for very long at a time unless I am holding him, but I don't want to get him used to that habit. I'm going to keep track of his sleep and awake cycles for the next few days and ask the pediatrician the next time I see him to see if that is normal...I want to try and get an appointment next week or later this week if they can squeeze me in, I want him to check Kaden's soft spot, I just think his soft spot seems so small I worry that it will cause problems...he wasn't concerned last time I mentioned it though.
Well, gotta go Kaden is bored and I have to start making supper. Talk to you all soon.

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