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No Kaden is still on his birth feeding schedule...he eats every 3 hours...there has been 2 or 3 times he lasts 4 hours but that's during the day and not at night. But I'm not complaining...he is really good at going right back to sleep, he never stays up and both kids aren't early risers so I at least get to sleep in a bit. Do you change diapers or turn on lights at night? I have found if I turn on lights or change his diaper he is harder to get back to I only change his diaper if he is leaking or poopy, otherwise he gets a late night diaper change before I go to bed usually between midnight and 1am and then not again until morning...I make sure to put lots of diaper cream and we use very absorbant diapers so it hasn't been a problem. We have a hall night light and I changed the bulb in our bedside lamp to a dim blue bulb so if I need light I turn that on because it is very dim, otherwise I leave all the lights off. I just get him feed him, burp him and once he falls asleep again...which he tends to do during his feeding, I put him back to bed and go to sleep. He is in 3/6 month clothes and he's 6 weeks old now, but there is a few things that are 0-6 months that he's in and one diaper shirt that actually says 12 months....when he got weighed at 4 weeks he was 12lbs 2oz, I'll find out tuesday what he's at now but I think he may be starting to slow down a bit now. I am still breastfeeding, I do know a few of my friends had problems with formula when their babies were smaller...Kierra was 9 months old when I introduced it to her and I had to experiment 3 times before I found one she digested OK. Up until then if I wanted to bottle feed her I'd pump and freeze, I eventually had a good size storage supply of milk. They say breastmilk is easiest to digest, but I know they've come out with a few new formula's since I was at that stage so they may be better now...ask your pediatrician what s/he recommends. If it were me I'd start by mixing a portion of breastmilk with the formula and gradually increasing the formula portion...this may be easier of a transition. Are you going to go the formula alone or are you just planning on once in a while? For the rolling over, I don't know if we can really practise that skill, but I think I am going to pull out our floor jungle mat and get him on some regular tummy time, I didn't do it early enough with Kierra and she hated being on her tummy, so she ended up being a late crawler.
Well, I should go my sister is here trying to make my husband go "car shopping" with her so she can have their discussion...I'll chat with you guys later.
Sarah did you have a good nap?
Spanish, thats good to know, Kadens hair is never messy so I rarely comb it but I will from now on.
BooBoo, how is her scalp doing, and did you get the rash checked?
I had an eventful evening, Kierra told me she had to blow her nose but couldn't get it and she asked me to clean her nose, so I looked and I could see something but it was deep, so I tried to teach her to blow hard, which didn't work, so I used Kaden's suction bulb on her, only to realize she had stuck a small soft plastic craft bead up her nose! I couldn't get it out, so we went to the Medicentre and they got it out, by then it was so close to the end of her nose I'm sure I could have gotten it out but I was already there so we stayed, I also got the Dr to make sure there was nothing else up there. Brat! I never thought she would do that but it seems to be a stage all kids go through, my nephew stuck a peice of foam from his pillow up his nose and didn't tell anyone for a long time, my sister ended up taking him to the Dr when she couldn't figure out why he smelled weird, turned out the foam was causing an infection from being in there so long...yuck. And last year I had brought Kierra to the Health Centre because she had a high fever and there was a little guy who had stuck a piece of foil up his nose. What makes them do it noone will ever know.
I have a question for those of you who much are you getting out each pump? And when you first started what was the amount....I have a dentist appointment tomorrow (cleaning and check up) so my sister is coming with me and she is going to take Kaden for a walk and watch him and Kierra while I'm in there, and if she can't handle him (he is a Mommy's boy and sometimes I am the only one who can settle him down) she can get the nurse to come ge me...anyhow I decided to pump some milk in case he gets hungry...this is the first time I have pumped for him, but I was able to get 5oz!!! I was shocked. With Kierra when I first started pumping, I was lucky if I got a couple tablespoons the first time and it took awhile for me to get up to 5oz in one pump...and I started pumping around now with her too...tomorrow Kaden will be 2 months old, after my dentist appointment I will go get him case you are wondering why I weigh him so much it's because his babybook has a chart that goes by his age each month so in order to chart it properly I have to weigh him each month...I did with Kierra too so it's a good way to compare them....although he is growing faster by far, it's a boy thing I think. Then after he gets weighed I have to go to the library because the book (Happiest Baby On The Block) is in for me. Well, that's all for now I'll come post tomorrow. Talk to you all soon.
Kaden seems to do the same thing sometimes with breastfeeding, but I'm beginning to wonder if the milk just lets down faster and he gets his feeding quicker, or what? I will sometimes switch sides to see if that helps, sometimes it does. Or I'll wipe his face and my breast off (he gets both pretty wet) and that helps him out as well. I wouldn't worry about it if he seems fine otherwise. Thanks for asking about the DH situation, it is a bit better, Thanksgiving weekend he was awesome we did alot together and with the kids...but he did screw up once or twice after that and thats when I packed up and drove to my parents place with the kids for the weekend to give him time to think, we talked the night following our return back home and he seems to be better. He actually called just now to say he was stopping for a beer with a friend and would be right he has progressed to at least calling and letting me know. DH fed Kaden a bottle lastnight too, his first time feeding Kaden, my sister gave Kaden his first bottle on Wednesday and lastnight was Kaden's second bottle. He takes it really well so now I'm not so worried about DH's Christmas party next month...My sister will be babysitting Kaden and Kierra so we can go to the party and I was worried about him not wanting bottles, so we will continue to give him a bottle from time to time, but so far he has no long as you don't try burping him before he is done, LOL. DH tried burping him a couple times lastnight and got an earful from Kaden.
That's good that it seemed to help, all we have to do is continue doing it regulary so they get used to it, Kierra and I helped play with the toys for Kaden so he was pretty attentive to what was going on.
I looked in Kierras baby book and she was a day or 2 shy of 10 weeks old when she first rolled from tummy to back, so it should be any time for your DD. And Kierra was almost 7 months old when she rolled from back to tummy. I can't remember how it came about but I think she just did it all of a sudden, I don't think there was any signs of it coming you try showing DD how to roll? I remember when DD was on the floor I'd take her leg and slowly/gently swing it over like she would need to learn for rolling. But all babies progress at different rates some do it sooner, some later, I think alot of it has to do with how much tummy time/practise they get, and also their physique and strength. Let us know when she does do it so we can all celebrate. :bouncing:
Well, take care everyone talk to you soon.
Our little ones have the same birthday! Kaden has been drooling and sucking or chewing on his bottom lip for a while now, I don't see any teeth yet though...but I remember our daughter did the same thing and she didn't get her first tooth until she was 9 months old...I'm hoping he gets his teeth late too, it'll make breastfeeding more enjoyable.
Hearing you and Boo talk about your labours/births made me think as well, in the back of my mind I have been dissapointed with Kaden's labor/birth as well...I mean I am happy I didn't have to have a c-section and I feel empathy for those of you who had to go through c-sections and the difficult recovery that follows. I was dissapointed to not have the epidural (not by choice...the anesthesiologist couldn't make it in time-he was in surgery), and I am dissapointed in myself because I wasn't in control of myself, I told my bestfriend who was there during the birth this and she said of course not, I went through natural childbirth! But I still feel dissappointed in myself, I wasn't myself at all during the labor, and I am embarrassed about that. A month or so ago I asked my husband if I yelled alot during the pushing stage and he said yeah, and I asked if I yelled loud enough for the rest of the ladies down the hall to hear and he said yeah...geez, he could have lied to make me feel better! I remember watching Birth Stories, or Baby Story and seeing some women scream and I never wanted to be like that. I don't remember much of Kaden's labour because I was so focused on the pain, I honestly don't even think I looked at anyone in the eyes (including my husband and bestfriend) for the last 2 hours of my labour. I remember getting mad at the nurses and telling them to take monitors off my belly and finger because they were irritating me, and saying, "Get out of there!" and pulling her hand away when she tried to do an internal during a contraction to see how dialated I was during one...I felt bad for the nurses and totally have respect for the jobs that they do, I can't imagine what they must be subject to day in day out...when I think back to Kierra's birth I was very happy with it, I had the epidural...after I had gone through around 12 hours of labour I did experience that pain still and yes I was swearing during contractions in the shower before the epidural, but I didn't ever get to that point of yelling or screaming even during the pushing stage, I felt in total control, and I was very aware of all that was going on, it was calming to think of how well her labour was, I think that is why I am so dissapointed in Kaden's...because I know I was on the opposite side of the spectrum this time and I much rather prefered the other side. But in the end it is all worth it, and I would do it all over again, natural or not. Speaking of doing it all over again...we have discussed that we are done with our 2 kids. DH will be getting a vasectomy...if he stops procrastinating. We figure 2 is great because we have our boy and our girl, it is easier if we go places because we each have a kid to keep track of, and we can afford to do more things with 2 kids than we could with more...sports, trips, christmas etc. But there's something deep inside me that is silently mourning that we will never do this again. I mean I am 31 years old and DH is 37 so we aren't getting any younger to have more even if we wanted to, but I must have a very strong maternal instinct because I am scared that we are doing the wrong thing and that we are meant to have this normal? I love being a mommy, and I feel cheated that they grow up so fast that you don't have the time to fully enjoy each and every second. Lastnight as I was holding Kaden I watched him sleep. His cute little mouth was wide open and he looked so peaceful and innocent, I had to do everything within my power to not kiss his cute little lips and risk waking him up. I will never be able to experience a new baby again...once Kaden is grown that is it? I have seen pregnant women and been envious of beng pregnant myself. I miss those little jabs and kicks and the miracle of pregnancy. Have any of you that are done baby making been feeling the same way?
Well, gotta go, Kaden just woke up.
S&J It was you that went to the pool, I got you and Boo mixed up because you both had family gatherings the same week!
I pumped about 3 ounces of milk and mixed it with one tablespoon of was the "Nestle Starter" rice cereal and it was really quite runny, it's supposed to be like that, the better they get at their spoon feeding, the thicker you can make the cereal on a gradual basis. After he eats and I wipe him up, then I breastfeed him (from the same side I pumped first, then the other if he is interested)until he doesn't want anymore. If you don't pump it says you can use previously boiled and cooled water, but I prefer the breastmilk, it is better for them than the water. (you can use formula too I think) I only did it 2 afternoons in a row, when he was extremely cranky and he was pretty much inconsolable...not today though. After him being cranky for a week or so and trying that and seeing the difference I am almost positive he must just need more...he is about the sixe of a 6 month old so I wonder if that has made a difference. He has his pediatrician appointment tomorrow so I'll find out...if Kaden is cranky tonight I may try cereal before his bath, then breastfeed him to sleep and see if it makes a difference in how long he sleeps for...I told one of my friends how I felt bad for starting him before I talked with the pediatrician, and she said she didn't always go by the books, sometimes you need to take cues from the made sense because when Kierra was about 6 months old she went through a stage where she stopped sleeping like she used to...she went from regular 7 hour stretches to 3-4 hours at a time, after a month I asked if it could be that she needed something more than her cereal and then topping up with breastmilk before bed and they said it was possible, so after her spoonfed cereal she'd have a bath then get a slightly thickened a bottle of breastmilk with rice cereal (still very runny though) and it helped quite a bit.
Boo, I'm sure they'll accept her passport, they will see she obviously has little control at her young age.
For those of you who don't want blankets in bed with baby...try buying those 1 piece fleece sleepers in a bigger size and put it over babys regular cotton sleeper...the second layer is as good as a blanket but no risk of going over babys head, that's what we used to do when we took Kierra camping...I have a blanket in Kadens bed but it is tucked in at the foot and the sides like Laur said. The blanket only goes up to under his armpits. Kaden also has that wedge thing that prevents them from rolling over onto their belly, so he doesn't go anywhere when he is in that...and I tuck the 2 top corners under each side of the wedge so there is no loose blanket corners. Worked with Kierra and seems good with Kaden, once he outgrows the wedge I'll re-evaluate the blanket and see if the bigger sleepers are better.
Laur Kaden had a good chuckle the other night too, up until then it was just a littl "hee hee" not an all out chuckle...I can't wait until I can get some hysterical giggling out of him.
Kiedy, thats great about the teeth...are you still breastfeeding? I am worried about Kaden getting teeth and biting...Kierra didn't get her first tooth until she was 9 months old (late teether) so I didn't have to worry about that because I had weaned her by the time it poked through.
Well, I should go,
Sorry you and the little one are sick, that always sucks! I think Kierra was about 9 months old when she outgrew her baby carrier seat, she was small though she only weighed 18-19lbs so she hadn't hit the weight restriction yet but she was too long, she was 27 1/2 inches and our seat was up to 26inches....Check your seat for it's specifications, alot have the sticker right on the seat itself, if not look in the manual or online for that specific model. Most are only to 20lbs and something like 24 inches tall...the model we have allows a bit more weight (26lbs) and 26 inches for height ...I had actually waited too long to put her in a bigger seat because I didn't know about the height thing, I was waiting for her to weigh 26lbs, but a friend of mine told me about the height thing and sure enough when I looked she was already over the height limit so we got the bigger seat installed the very next neighbours daughter actually just got a ticket last month for that, the police have been doing carseat checks when they pull you over, her baby didn't weigh enough but was too tall.

We have an umbrella stroller but we rarely use it because it doesn't have alot of space to carry the diaper bag and parcels...we bought ours for camping mostly, but if you do get one I suggest getting one that has a space for parcels but also the built in canopy for shade in the summer months, ours didn't have that and I wish it did...didn't think of it at the time. It would work nice to block the sun and if the little one needs to nap you can drape a light blanket over the canopy for easier napping.

Kaden wants to sit up and stand too, he is also very choosy about what he does during the day now...he doesn't like his bouncy chair for very long, as well as his the only 2 things I can do with him if I need to get some stuff done is either put him in his swing, or in his jolly jumper...he prefers the jolly jumper the most though. He is OK for a little while on his back on his playmat too but he is getting kinda picky with that as well.

For your husbands gift, I would just get a decent palm pilot and after he opens it tell him he can exchange it for another model if he saw a different one that he would prefer.

Well, I guess I will be shopping next week with all the crazy last minute maniacs! I didn't get paid STILL! On Tuesday the lady from the Unemployment office said it should be today or Monday at the latest, but with my luck I didn't get it today so all I have to say is it better be there Monday or someone is not going to like speaking to me on's been a week and a half since I got paid last but they shorted me 1/2 my pay that time so I am not too happy with them right now.

I still haven't decided if we should let Kierra go to our Friends Christmas Party on Sunday. She is better but she still coughs a bit. It has loosened up since she started the antibiotics though. I just don't want to take her and have her get other kids sick...if it's even contageous. Or have other parents be offended that I brought her when she has a cough...some people are picky that way, I know I am....I don't want my kids to get sick, so I don't like when people bring their kids out to functions when it's clearly obvious they should be at home getting better. Kierra doesn't cough much though and when she does, she covers her mouth all the time...(I am picky about manners and common sense like covering your mouth when you cough) My best friend thinks because Kierra has been on medication all week and doesn't seem too sick at all that we should take her, but I just don't know...what do you guys think, would you be offended if a friends kid was at a party with a cough (even if she covered her mouth when she coughed)? I even thought about if we did go, I would keep those antbacterial wet wipes with me and when Kierra coughed I'd santize her hands...geez I sound like one of those insane Moms don't I?

Well, I should go, talk to you all soon, take care.
I would still get one, we keep ours in the back of the van with our other stroller...they don't take up much space and if you know you aren't going to need to carry alot of parcels then you can just decide at the moment which stroller works best.

The suit sounds so cute! Kaden has a cute white dress shirt with a dressy red with black trim sweater vest and black cord pants for his Christmas outfit, he looks like such a cute little man in it.

See you'll be the old fogie when yu have baby #2 too. LOL

Kaden still spits up every time I nurse him so I wouldn't worry...he is great on cereal though, because it's thicker he doesn't spit it up. Kaden has a habit of puking all over his daddy, but lastnight it was me.

I would look at the cheaper brands of travel cots if you aren't going to use it very often, do you get Boxing Day sales there after Christmas? Maybe see if you can find a great deal then. We bought our playpen (I think thats the same as what you call a travel cot) and ours was discounted because it had been a display model and it had a small hole in the mesh...but I was able to fix the small hole very easily, you can't even see where it is. We used ours for camping and travelling, and with Kaden we used it as his bassinet in our room for the first few had a built in bassinette with music, lightlight, and vibration options. I figured it would get plenty of use between both kids and once we are done with it we will probably sell it in a garage sale or to friends or family for cheap.

I brought Kaden to get weighed yesturday because he was exactly 4 months old and he weighed 16lbs 12oz and is 25inches long so I only have 1 inch left before he needs to be in the bigger carseat. I will probably install it this week becase it is pretty nice weather right now...considering it is winter. Might as well do it now while it's warm then wait a couple weeks until he is 26inches and freeze my butt trying to install the seat....the only part I'm not looking forward too is once he is in there, there's no just unlatching the carrier and carrying him around...he needs to be unbuckled and taken out...which sucks when they are sleeping and you have to disturb them. I better find his snowsuit I guess...he hasn't had to wear it so far because his carrier had the warm cover over it so it kept him very warm...but now he'll need his snowsuit.

Well, I should go, Talk to you soon

P.S I'm still waiting for my EI money! They proccessed it but it didn't work so they fixed it again and now I should finnlly get money tomorrow...Boo, I'm on maternity leave until August when my money runs out...but DH is going to take some courses next month and possibly change carreers so he will make more money and I will be able to stay home with the kids until they are both in school. I'm looking into taking some online correspondance to upgrade and then start taking some courses for radiology (Xray and ultrasound) So hopefully by the time the kids are both in school I can go right into my new carreer too.
Hi Boo,
Yeah I figured packing some boxes would scare him and he might take me seriously, he did and was great for 2 weeks, but messed up again this weekend, so I told him he no longer has a choice he has to do counselling as that is my last resort. My sister thinks that he keeps doing this because he doesn't have consequences when he messes up, I don't agree but I guess I may have to start playing hardball and see if she is right.

Kaden did quite awhile to eat in the beginning but with practice they get better, especially if dinner is something they relly like. Kaden sometimes doesn't even give me a chance to fill the spoon again and he is yelling at me that I'm not going fast enough.

So far he has eaten all the single grain cereals (barley, rice and oat) and I've only given him the "beginner" rated baby foods. I think the next rating is 6 months so I will get those next time I go shopping.

Don't be discouraged by Annaum's weight. Don't forget she weighed less than some of the other babies at birth plus she lost some weight in the beginning so had a slow gain to start. Also girls do grow at a slower rate and are also more often smaller than boys. Kierra was 8 1/2 months old before she weighed what Kaden weighed at 5 months.

Troy will be rolling before you know it. Kaden just started rolling from his back onto his tummy just over a week ago now, but he is getting the hang of it. He still rolls from his tummy to his back best. I guess all his floor time has helped. He plays on his playmat every morning plus a couple times throughout the day...he generally doesn't stay on his belly long so I don't call it tummy time anymore.

The teeth can be so unpredictable. Kierra's teeth were very slow...heck she didn't even get her first tooth until she was 9 months old! But even once I saw signs of a tooth coming it could take a week or more to finally poke through. But my best friends little guy one night had no teeth and the next afternoon he had sprouted 3 teeth...just poking through but above the gums anyway. Speaking of teeth.... :eek: one of my friends took her little guy (just 2 months younger than Kierra) to the dentist (his first time) and he has 6 cavities! I am so happy Kierra had a cavity free checkup, hearing that made me want to make sure even more that Kierras teeth are really well taken care of.

I miss the baby carrier too. But Kaden is a pretty good sleeper, most times I can move him to his reclined stroller or bring him into the house still sleeping. Kierra was never like that, she'd wake up as soon as I opened my door to get out of the vehicle and she never would go back to sleep, I honestly don't recall her sleeping in her stroller except once or twice while camping and only after taking a very long walk.

Thats great you got such a great deal, sounds like that highchair will be very useful...I love that it converts to a booster seat too. We bought a separate one for Kierra originally for camping or travelling but we use it in the house too.

I gotta give Kaden some more sitting practice. He can sit with pillows or my legs on either side of him but he doesn't last more than a minute or so.

As for the feeding thing, I think a day means 24 hours from the start of one day to the start of the next day, so night feedings would be included. Kaden still wakes up every 3 - 3 1/2 hours through the night to eat but I'm going to ask his pediatrician next month if I can do something to wean that to longer times between feedings, or if he still needs the nourishment because of his size. Otherwise Kaden usually has 2 solid food meals a day one before his afternoon nap and one before bed. He gets cereal mixed with breastmilk, and I add the jarred vegetable baby food right into the cereal. The fruit he gets as a dessert after the veggies. Then after he is done I offer the breast as a drink to wash down his meal.

Well, Kaden is still sick, poor little guy I feel so sad for him, I even feel a bit of guilt because I should be protecting him from getting sick, I know thats dumb but I do feel guilty, if I would have just stayed home that night he would have been fine. He is really stuffed up so I have to use saline drops and then use the bulb syringe to try and suction his nose and he HATES that. I only use the fat tip syringe I've heard the smaller longer tipped bulb syringes are dangerous for their noses because they can go too deep...anyhow, that doesn't work for very long so he ends up breathing through his mouth most of the time now. His cough doesn't sound much better either, and he doesn't like taking his medicine very much, but I get it into him eventually. The Dr said if he wasn't much better to bring him back in a day or 2 so I'm going to see how he is tomorrow and decide.

Oh, I almost forgot I was watching the news tonight and I don't know where, but somewhere in the world, 2 men saw something floating in the water of a lake or river and they fished out this knotted garbage bag and opened it to find a 2 month old baby girl! :mad: She is fine luckily! They showed the video of them opening the bag and there was water in the bag so she could have drowned or suffocated so easily had those men not been there at that exact time and saw the bag. The mother was arrested and is being charged she claimed she didn't have the money to care for her anymore :blob_fire (!?!) Hello!!!! Since when does that give you the right to kill your child?! What the heck is this world coming to that people think that killing their babies is better than giving them up to a loving family to raise as their own? I was angered to see that not only was the mother dressed to the 9's and had her hair and makeup just perfect, but the baby had been dressed in a cute pink outfit with a matching headband and all...if she was so broke how did she afford for her and her baby to look like they were so well off? And makes you wonder what was going through her mind as she dressed her adorable innocent baby girl then placed her in a garbage bag and tied a knot and walked away? Sad, sad world when you think of how much we love our little babies and then hear about these stories and can't imagine how those poor little babies are so unjustly unlucky to come into a world to parents who don't deserve them. :(
:D As I was nursing Kaden tonight he was again amusing himself with my bra...I bet that is why boys are so good at slingshots!

Kiedy, I have pretty short hair, it's about 4 inches long all over but DS manages to pull it hurts like hell, but so cute when he grabs a handful on each side of my head and pulls my face into his sloppy just can't help but smile.

That questionaire was pretty funny, I will have to start paying more attention I guess. Kaden goes for his next needles on March 8th, so he'll be 6 1/2 months old.

Speaking of Cheerios, I was just wondering the other day how old Kierra was when I started giving them to her and I can't remember, it wasn't in her baby book either. Did they say you can start giving them to him? I know Kierra LOVED them, I always had a bowl of them wherever we went and she was more than happy to eat her cheerios. I know they melt in their mouth really quickly so Kierra never choked on them, but you have to make sure they are eating their baby foods well, and making the chewing motions, she would chew the cheerio until it melted then swallow it. And only get the original cheerios if you do get them, the multigrained ones they have out now have a coating on them so they wouldn't melt as well.

Before we started TTC DD, we had looked at show homes trying to decide what type of house we wanted. We absolutely fell in love with one, and brought the floorplan to another reputable builder who offered to build it with a few changes we wanted to incorporate for even cheaper than the original builder...but right around that time we found out my dad had cancer so we decided to start TTC several months earlier than originally planned (I was born 3 weeks after my grandmother passed away so I never had the chance to meet her and I didn't want my baby to go through the same and not meet his/her grandfather)...we got pregnant on the second month and after thinking about it decided we needed to buy a house sooner than later...before I was on maternity leave, we didn't have time to build that house we fell in love with so bought a little older house instead. Now that we look back that house would easily be $150 000.00 more to build now than it would have then...we were discussing it the other day and we both agree we should have just built then and moved several months later when it was ready with a new baby. Luckily my Dad overcame his cancer and has been able to meet both my kids so we rushed for nothing, but I'm glad we didn't take chances.

I don't know how I am still coping with so little sleep...most days are ok, I'm so used to it now I guess. On bad days I try to get the kids to sleep in as late as I can, then when Kaden goes for his afternoon nap I make Kierra go for one with me. And on [U]really[/U] bad days I have a Tim Horton's Engish Toffee Cappucino...and do all the above. :D

My hair is ok, I did go through that hormonal hair loss thing but now it's OK. I know for awhile my scalp was really itchy dry, I am sure it was hormones. So I switched to Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp shampoo, it really helped to relieve the dry scalp, I find it works great. It almost seems like it strips all the hairspray and other hair products off so your hair is nice and shiny and bouncy. You should look at thier line next time, they have quite a few different ones, you may find one that will help give you some extra volume.

My face is sensitive right now too I think ever since I went off the pill, through pregnancy and its still giving me problems...when I had that facial last month she said I have combination skin so she gave me some samples to take home which worked awesome, but when I went back this week for visit 2 of my spa pass (the one my nephew bought me and my sister for Christmas) I asked about the prices and was shocked :eek: it would have cost me over $100.00 for just the face wash, toner and moisturizor! So I used her advice and bought similiar products for a fraction of the cost at Walmart. She said to get a salicylic acid face wash, use a toner (but not the type that is astrigent, only the ones that restore your skin back to it's original PH balance) and to use an Oil free moisturizor (I had been using oil based moisturizers because my skin was dry and flaky after washing it and in the mornings...but what I was doing was making my skin even worse with the oil based) I can't remember where you live but if you have a Shoppers Drug Mart or somewhere that has a cosmetic counter ask them to help you choose the right products based on what you tell them about your skin...make sure you tell them you recently had a baby because that sometimes makes a difference, and if you are breastfeeding some products should be avoided.

Well, I should go. Talk to you all again soon.
Kiedy, you totally remind me of me! I found my first white hair about a month ago and I told DH it's all the stress he's been causing me that's giving me white hair...I've only found 2 1/2 white hairs total to date, but I made sure to tell him he's probably the cause of them...well, I know the lack of sleep with my little Kaden isn't helping either.

Glad your trip was ok, I know what you mean about parents not listening, my mom likes to do things the old fashioned way...I still remember that time she almost dipped Kadens pacifier in honey so he'd stop crying. She didn't understand why I almost had a fit! Until I explained the risk of listeria or is it salmonella poisoning.

DH has also been doing more with Kaden, I thought it was the last lecture I gave him about his going out and me feeling like a single parent, but mayeb this is just the age that the husbands feel more comfortable handling the babies...when they are a bit older and more interactive.

Kaden doesn't like chunky foods either, a few times I've let him taste what we are eating...mashed potatoes, or cream of corn (minus the kernel shells) and today I let him try the soup we had for lunch with finely mashed crackers, he made a face every bite. I'm sure Kierra was eating more chunky foods by this age, but Kaden still likes boob better. Typical little man.

I didn't get my period but did have 3 days worth of on and off again cramping so I'm assuming that either my uterus is still contracting, or this is the approximate time of the month that I would be getting my period...I'm going to keep track of those type of cramps and see if there is a cycle to it.

DH goes for his vasectomy of the 22nd...I still have mixed feelings. I know I am happy with my 2 kids, a boy and a girl, and I'm not getting any younger (I'll be 32 in a week) but I love being pregnant and the newborn stage...I wouldn't miss the sleepless nights but everything else I will miss. I know this is the best decision though, we want both kids to be in sports and we want to travel with the kids so if we were to have a larger family it would mean less chance of all of that. I guess just the reality of knowing that this is it is a big thing. I don't know if that at all made sense, or is I worded it's kinda hard to explain how I feel...I guess sad that it (childbearing) is over but glad at the same time?

Are anyones babies getting on hands and knees yet? I have been trying to get Kaden to practice it (we go on the floor and I place his feet on my knees and push him into the crawling position but hold his chest up so he doesn't do a face plant) and he does NOT like to be on his knees at when he was on his knees I let him kinda sit up on his knees and he liked that but he hates putting his hands down into the crawling position.

I had some friends over Saturday for scrapbooking, it was so much fun! I guess the company is what makes or breaks the event, but one of my friends is so funny...she is a ditsy, high energy type girl and she just makes you laugh so much. We spent so much time visiting and looking at each others books and pictures but in the end we did get some really cool pages. Kierra went to a movie and sleep over at my sisters place so DH just had Kaden to watch, but Kaden was cranky...partly because DH let him fall asleep too late in the evening so he refused to go to bed at his regular time, and partly because he just wanted to be up and with Mom.

Well, I should go, I just remembered DH asked me to do some calling around for him. Talk to you all soon.
I know what it's like...when Kadens tooth was coming in I softened up on the CIO thing and now I've got to get Kaden sleeping like he's like we took 2 steps forward and one back.

I don't know if I've been doing full out speed walking...I mean I walk as fast as my little feet will take me, but I don't do the funny walk like I've seen those true speed walkers do...where they look like their hips are out of their sockets. LOL. But I am walking none the less so it is good...I think I've already noticed a bit of flab starting to melt away...I just have to figure out how to tighten up the loose paunch on my belly, I was ALL belly and stuck out so far when I was pregnant with both kids that I have loose skin now. I saw an info-mercial for this exersize program (Turbo Jam) and it looked like fun, I was SO close to calling and ordering it. It had cool music and it was like a fun kickboxing, dance workout and they gaurantee you will lose 10 pounds in 10 days. But it was $60.00 so I didn't order it...only thing that stopped be was thinking of all the exersize videos I already have that I never use...I was scared to order it and then just have that to add to my useless pile of videos that I don't like...I think I would have enjoyed it though from the clips of workouts steps they showed. I'm going to see if my sister wants to go halfers on it with me.

How old is your little one now? Teeth can come anytime really, I know Kierra started drooling and chewing at 3 months but she didn't get her first tooth until over 9 months. Kaden got his at 7 months, DH's neice didn't get hers until 18 months! (Can you imagine?!) and my best friends little girl got her first tooth at 3 or 4 months! Kadens popped up quick, I looked one day and there was no sign of anything at all, not even swollen, then 3 days later he had a tooth...I didn't look for a couple days because I had a sinus cold and didn't want to get him sick.

K, I have a pablum and baby cereal 2 different things? If so, in Canada what brand name is pablum? I don't think I've seen it, I've seen all the formulas and cereals but I don't recall seeing pablum...the reason I'm asking is because my friend has a 3 month old and asked her health nurse when she should be starting cereal, she explained that her DD seemed like she just wasn't getting filled up enough with nursing. The nurse said "Oh you mean Pablum, cereal isn't until later". I want to know if there is Pablum that they drink...which is like a thickened formula I assume(?) because I'd like to try it on Kaden before bed to see if he'll sleep better, but I honestly don't think I've seen it, so want to know what name to look for. Maybe the couple times I looked for it they just didn't carry it at the stores I went to.

Kaden started a new thing yesturday, he scrunches up his nose and makes a funny face at you. He knows he's being funny.

The other day I let him sit on the lawn and he was so curious about the grass.. :D ..he even leaned all the way forward so he could try and eat some...of course he couldn't get any in his mouth, and even if he could I wouldn't have let him, YUCK, but it was fun watching.

Lastnight I put Kaden to bed and a while later I went to check on him and he had rolled over and was holding the bumper pad like it was a stuffed toy, but he had kicked off his blanket so I went to gently cover him up and he spun over with a HUGE grin on his face but he was still half asleep, it was so cute, he is always such a happy baby, I don't know how I lucked out with him...having him makes me realize how high maintenance Kierra was. She was colic for the first 3-4 months and then after that she was just prissy. She'd smile lots for us but getting her photos done at a studio was hell trying to get her to smile for a stranger...Kaden will smile at anyone and anything.

Well, I'm going to go, we are supposed to have AWESOME weather this week...even better than what it had forcast a couple days ago so I am excited!

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