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Oh Spanish, I know what you're going through. As I said earlier I stick to my night routine, but nothing yet during the day. My DS was getting good for last 2wks (he is 2.5mo), sleeping from 10pm to 3 or 4am, which was sooo nice, but all of a sudden this week he started waking up at 1am and then 2 or 3am and so on. I don't know what's going on. I started puting him to sleep in his crib b/c for last 2 mo he slept only in his car seat, which I thought was not the best b/c his head is always in the same position, so maybe that's the reason. I'm soo tired.
I do wake him up if he misses his feeding for too long b/c I breast feed and if I don't, my breasts hurt and I end up getting blocked ducts.

I think it's important to establish some sort of a routine at this stage, but I think they are too young at this time to always follow it. They have their good and bad days, they grow at which stage they eat more. If I formula fed I think I would let my son skip an occassional feed, but like I said b/c I breast feed I can't. I wouldn't skip it at night though, b/c your DD may wake up earlier hungary.

I have a hard time letting my DS just cry. I think what matters more is how we respond to thier cries. My son likes to fall asleep w/ a pacifier, when it falls out, I wait until he cries (other times he just makes noises and falls back to sleep) and go in and put it back in. Once he is older I will help him find it and put in himself, but obviously he doesn't have the hand coordination to do it now. Of course I might change my mind later.
I will go and get that book on good sleeping tips, maybe I'll learn something better. Tell me if you find something useful too.
Hey Spanish, I'm sorry, I know exactly what your feeling. I don't think it's bad at all at this age to wake to feed before you go to bed. It's called a dream feed. You can do it for months, before they start to sleep through on their own, just make sure not to wake her when you do it. I rock my son to sleep a lot, or lay down with him. I know a lot of people say it's getting them used to it, but hey, my kid is a rare one that is too stimulated to go off on his own yet, so I don't care. I do agree that a schedule is really important, even if you stray from time to time. I am nursing too, and Iknow it's hard to schedule feeds, but try. This is what we do, and keep in mind DS is 5 months, and started solids, and goes 4 hours between.

Wake up-(after being up all night on and off) 7:00
play with Daddy for 1 hour, then nurse @8:00
8:00, cereal and fruit
8:15, bath
8:45 nap
10:00 play
12:00 nurse
12:30 nap
2:00 play or get out of the house
4:00 nurse
4:30 cat nap
5;00-5:15- play
7:00 cereal and fruit
8:00 pajamas, book and lullaby and nurse
8:30 bed

I don't feed him till aroud 4 again, even if he wakes up, I used to do the dream feed. This has taken some time to get a sched. that works for the both of us. I don't think that any schedule is bad, as long as your consistant. The other thing that I found really helpful to get DS to sleep better, is to pay really close attention to his signs of tiredness. The second he gets fussy of moody, he goes in the crib, and nine times out of ten, I was right, he was tired. There are so many ways to get our little ones off to sleep, it took me a long time to get to know DS, and I think that's why he is such a bad sleeper ( as well as it being his nature) I hope I helped at all, good luck.

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