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I have heard that you shouldn't give a baby well water, but check with your pediatrician. They sell nursery water especially for babies and I think it has fluoride in it. You might want to check into that. Personally, I would not change the formula. If DS is allergic to one, it would be hard to know which one and why if he is on different formulas or if a reaction was caused by something you ate. They say that it takes 3 days to determine an allergy, so if you must switch, I would at least stick with the same one for 3 days before switching to a different one. That way if there's a problem, you can more easily determine what caused it.
We have been using city water without boiling per the Dr recomendation. As far sa well water I would suggest having it tested for the basics, radon, lead (which can be found in old pipes) etc. Many drug stores have cost effective test kits. A good source bottled water should be fine without boiling.

The fluoride supplementation is a concern when the babies start getting teeth - and there is some conflicting opinions on fluoride. I would consult your ped and dentist on this one

I also concur on the switching formulas - if you encounter an issue it will be hard to isolate with multiple formulas.
You don't need flouride until they are six months old. We use well water, I do use a filter water pitcher because we have hard water with some sediment in it. Our dr told me there was no reason to boil it.
Honestly, I would much rather use well water than city water, or bottled water. City water has been tested and shows traces of fesces, hair spray, fingernail polish remover, drugs, you name it it's in there. The dr told us she would use unboiled well water before she used city water at all.
Anyway, as for the bottled water, 20-20 showed a thing about bottled water and it was shown to have just as many germs as tap water, in fact Aquafina actually gets their water from the Hudson River! So, if it were me and I had to use bottled or city water I would boil that.
Anyway as for the formula I agree iwth them, don't switch it too much.
Good luck!

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