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I have a dd who was born 6/19. She is all about her hands and drooling. She has been teething since about 2 and a half months. She is breastfed and eats about every 3 hours. I feed on demand so she sleeps for about a five hour stretch at night and then wakes up to nurse and then will sleep for another 3-4 hours.

She actually giggled early and will laugh now when we do silly things for her or if she really likes a certain toy. She has not rolled over yet but seems sometimes like she is trying to. I have not been able to give her a lot of tummy time because she does not like it. She prefers to be sitting up in my arms. She doesn't like to lay down a lot anymore.

I was wondering if the moms with babies who are rolling over already gave thier babies a lot of tummy time??

I was also wondering if any of the other breastfeeding mothers can share when they think they will start with rice formula or starter infant foods?? I was going to wait till 6 mos. And also what about vitamin supplements?? Are you using any for the baby and are you still taking any prenatals while nursing?? Thanks!!

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