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Hey Guys! I hope ya'll remeber me, I am so glad that everyone's babies seem to be doing well!
Anyway, my little man will be four months on Sunday! i can't beleive it, I keep looking at him in the swing and how he is so long his feet hang out, and remembering that when we brought him home it swallowed him whole!
Anyway, mine can roll over, but has no desire what so ever to! Unless it is from back to belly so he can sleep. He has slept on his side since the day he was born, we had trouble in the hospital when he kept choking, he swallowed a lot of fluid, and they rolled him on his side for safety and he wouldnt' go back. But anyway, I surely wouldn't worry if your baby can't roll over yet, it is more likely that they just don't want to! Anyhow, he has been teething for almost two months, and I know that is early, but he is! My best friends little girl started teething at 3 weeks and had a tooth at 2 months, so it is possible! And one of my little cousins had three teeth by four months, his Mom had to quit breast feeding because of it!
Anyway, we started rice cereal at about 2 1/2 months, you are really supposed to wait until 4 months but he had colic so we decided to try anything! And it helped, alot! And he started sleeping through the night. However, I had to sleep on the couch holding him. But, hey at least I got to sleep!
We started oatmeal a month later, he loves that! We tried squash on Wednesday, but that did not go over well! It upset his tummy and he didn't care for it! So, we decided to wait a while. I am not sure how much we are supposed to feed him with that either, or if we are still supposed to give him a bottle with it.
I do know this though, you should start with the food that is the worst tasting, like the squash, then go to something like beans or peas. If you feed them fruit or something sweet first they won't ever want the veggies, or at least most babies!
Good Luck everyone!

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