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I am feeding him Isomil Advance with Iron. It's the soy version of similac...the normal stuff made him sick. He seems to do well with it. Hardly any spit up, he burps well and he hasn't thrown up since he was first born. At first, he hardly ate at all, but now he is a machine!!! He poops about twice a day, and pees normal as well.

But for real...he eats like crazy. I almost want to start him on cereal because of how much formula he goes through! Everyone says that is a big no no tho....but my sis did it for her two boys. :(

Ugh! (btw, even though he is growing normally, he said he is a tad underweight compared to other babies. He said not to worry, and it's common for this age for them to be a bit long as they are gaining at a norm)

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