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ThankGod! He was circumsized also. And that is a good way to describe how it looks..."fused". I feel so bad for him...because it is so painful.Not all the time, but when the Dr has to peel it back. I try to keep it from sticking to him..each time I change his diaper I pull it back...but, it still gets to the point where it is fused to the head.~Ralinda30, you said your son is 10 still having this problem?The poor kid. I hope I don't offend you, but, is your son over weight at all? Because my Dr says that its the fatty lower part of their abdomen that cause the foreskin to get pushed down...I am just wondering because my boy is a big boy...he doesn't have a weight problem, he is very porportionate, hes just on the big end of the scale. I hope he doesn't have to go through with this that long.~ Hugs28, You said you wre glad when they caught it or it would have fused together permanently...his very first Dr visit is when they told me about this problem...Is there still a chance he could be fused permanently?Now I'm worried if I don't keep this under control that he'll have a funny looking penis...I can't do that to him.Is there anything else I can do to keep it from being a permanent problem?

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