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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Indigo]If she gets used to you going in there and picking her up whenever she makes a peep you are gonna be sorry. I was. When my dd was small I would get her everytime she cried. I would get her up bring her in bed with me and so on. When i finally got tired of it I tried letting her "Cry it out" OMYGOD!!!!My dd screamed her head off for hours until I went in to get her. I was MISERABLE. And still to this day she needs me to stay with her in bed till she falls asleep. I read her a story and she has to fall asleep before I finnish the story so I can leave the room or else she throws a HUGE tantrum.And I can't have her screaming because my ds is already in bed sleeping. My son is 9 months old and I made sure I allowed him to get himself to sleep. He cries and puts himself to sleep. I learned to distinguish between cries when he really needs me I go in, but other than that, when I say its nap time or bedtime thats it. My dd is 3 years old and I pull my hair and kick myself for not being stronger with her. By the way, when I started trying to get my dd to sleep on her own she was about one year old!!! She did ok for awhile. She was going to bed at 8pm and she would only cry for 15 mionutes or so before she fell asleep on her own....but then we moved, then we switched her from a crib to a bed for her brother....If only I had nipped it in the bud when she was younger....Do yourself a favor....let him cry, he'll be fine. AS long as you make sure he isn't wet or hungry. My ds was waking in the middle of the night a few weeks ago (normally he sleeps all night) I am pretty sure he was going through a growth spurt so before bed I would give him a little extra cereal and that seemed to do the trick. He wakes at 5 am, i give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep till 7 am when I am ready to get up.DD gets up at 8am...Good Luck, and hope good sleep comes your way. :wave:[/COLOR][/FONT]

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