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How are everyones babies doing? I can't believe my dd is 4 months already. She is weighing in at almost 13 pounds. We go for her sedcond set of shots on Tuesday. I hope the doctor will start letting me give her cereal but I think she wants her to be on just formula for 6 months. It seems like I feed her every 2 hours now so I don't think she is getting fully satisfied from her feedings. She eats about 5-6 ounzes at a time and i give her more but she won't take it. She is now wearing all 3-6 months clothes but I am getting out all her 6-9 months as well.

As far as tummy time goes, she still hates it and doesnt even make any attempts to roll over yet. I don't see any teeth yet but she sure is drooling all the time. I pretty much keep a bib on at all times. She also began sucking her thumb and switches off left and right hands. It is tooooooooooo cute.

Whats everyone elses munchkins up to?

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