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Hello Everybody -

I used to be a regular on the pregnancy boards but haven't really had the time to post recently (as I am sure you all are familiar with) :) My son made October just in time... he was born by c-section the 31st. So far he is doing really good, he is 8 weeks old and weighs just over 13 lbs and is 23 inches long. We are breastfeeding exclusively - he won't take formula. I am pretty lucky that about three weeks ago he started to sleep 6 hours (1 am to 7 am) about 5 to 6 times a week - still have a few 4 hours about once a week. But we are still on a 2 to 3 hours feeding schedule during the rest of the day - with him only taking 2.5 to 3 oz of b-milk at each feeding. Grandpa is watching him now that I am back to work and they get along great. This week I am going to have Grandpa see if he will take 4 to 5 oz of b-milk and maybe stretch the feedings out a little longer - would that be too soon?

One mention about the [B]Cold Mist Humifiers[/B] - make sure they have a filter and you clean it often. We discovered that our water supply has quite a bit of lime in it and after a week of using the cold mist humifier I found a [U]lite dust layer of lime and sediment[/U] all over DS room - we now only use filtered water and DH cleans the humifier every couple of days, so far that has taken care of the issue - I was (and still am) terrified of what DS might have breathed in.

I had my first AF this past weekend (and now) but I think it was brough on by the depo shot I had at my 6 week checkup. My only complaint is night sweats - Dr says it is from the hormones with breastfeeding. I have been taking rreminfemin with black cohosh (no Estrogen which could diminish my milk supply) for a month now and the sweating has only diminished some. It isn't as bad as when I got home from the hospital but still it is yucky. Previously on Depo if I had a hot flash or night sweats - soy protein would take care of it - soy milk, soy nuts, or tofu dishes. Now that doesn't even work for me... I am so looking forward to thier demise.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday - and have a happy new year!

Happy Babies!

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