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Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in to write a little update.

Things have been going well. I've been going to the doc's for my PPD, and so far it's been trying to deal with. I was on lexapro, but it made me sick. So now they have to do these blood tests. But I've been trying to deal with my emotions and things have been going well (as well as expected!) Most of my family doesn't know that I'm even going through it. I tend to keep things inside. But it's something I'm kinda embarassed about.

Ok enough about me. Alex is doing great :) He is so full of smiles and giggles :) It is so therapuetic to sit with him and play. Plus he is starting to sleep so much better. I do the four B's (adapted from someone on this board) every night starting around 10. I give him his bath, which he LOOOOVES, and then I put him in his crib to read him a few books. He just lays there, smiling, and tries to "read" along with me. Then I go get his night bottle ready....7 oz, with about two tablespoons of rice cereal in it. He usually gobbles it all down, and then I lay him down to sleep (awake or not). Usually he goes right to bed, but sometimes he fusses for a few seconds. But I've gotten him to the point where he knows it's bed time... not matter what. Which is great! He usually sleeps until 7...but sometimes he gets up at 5 for a bottle. Then we usually nap off and on (interrupted by bottles here and there) until 12. He usually plays in between there for about an hour or so. Then he is pretty much up for the rest of the day (with little cat naps here and there)

He's usually good for me wherever we go...I talk to him a lot in the store, and people look at me funny when I am comparing bath tissue with him. He loves to sit in his little vibrating bouncy chair! That thing is a godsend!

But he is an easy going little man. It's so nice to hear from the rest of you! I can't believe how fast the months go :)

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