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[QUOTE=RebbieO]I can't stay on long today, but I would be grateful for any advice on how to keep a baby awake in the day time. I know it seems like a strange question when most of us want our babies to sleep, but Amy has managed to confuse day and night and sleeps for over 3 hours in the day if I let her, then can go for several hours at night without sleep. I have tried waking her after a couple of hours in the day, but nothing seems to keep her awake.


My son was like that too for a while. Aside from just keeping things really as interesting as possible during the day and as bland as possible during the night, I found it helped to dress him a little cooler in the day. He's warm enough but the cool air on his skin helps keep him awake. Warm jammies on at night. I also make his bottles a little smaller in the daytime. They're enough satisfy him at the time but he gets hungrier more often and wakes up for more. I only swaddle him at night since he sleeps more soundly unless he's been up a long time in the day and is getting grouchy.

Good luck! No sleep is so frusterating!
Hi everyone!

Amy is doing well and putting on 6-8oz a week. She is now 8lb 8.5 oz at six weeks old. I'm prepared for a growth spurt, though.

I have tried to keep her quiet at night and stimulated during the day, but she still seems to sleep for hours in the daytime (regardless of light, noise, etc) and when I try to wake her up, she just dozes straight back off. I have had some good nights, though, but the most she sleeps is about 4 hours, after which she wakes up every hour. I think I am going to try only feeding her every 2 hours at night time, and just cuddling/soothing her back to sleep when she wakes up in between. She's not the sort of baby who you can put down when she's almost asleep so that she can settle herself - as soon as she senses that she has been put down, she gets more and more agitated and waves her arms and legs about, and the little mutterings turn into all out screams. I can only swaddle her when she's already asleep as she's like Houdini when she's awake!

Amy has also had a bit of a rash on her face, which seemed to be connected with a cold she had, but it is now beginning to clear up. I have to admit I did the meningitis 'tumbler test' just to put my mind at rest, even though she seemed OK otherwise.

I'm in the library again and hubby has just turned up with Amy in the pushchair (asleep - surprise, surprise!), so I'll be off now.

Ethan is just about to hit 3 months. I can't believe it. At least once a week I have to tell him his birth story and point out how he used to fit in my tummy. lol I just got some pictures back from right before he was born... man, was I a house. He's doing really well. Thank goodness the moodiness he went through has gone away. He's generally in a good mood most of the day. He has a little crabby stretch from about 3-5 before he has a good nap, but most of the day he's happy. After his 5 p.m. nap he's usually downright giddy until bedtime. He still goes to bed by 9 sharp. That has it's pros and cons. It's nice since he puts himself to sleep no matter what, you just have to lie him in the crib awake and he's out. What's kind of bad is that we would like to get him to sleep a little later so he sleeps past 6 in the a.m. but keeping him awake is impossible. I've even tried letting him sleep for and hour or so and waking him, but he goes right back to sleep. Oh well, 6 isn't too bad. Up until last week he's been sleeping through the night but he just started waking up at least once during the night. We are seriously hoping this is a phase and he'll go back to sleeping all night.

He really loves to talk. Like me his dad says! At night he'll sit on your lap and talk to you till you are done talking to him. He'll say something, and as long as you keep answering, he keeps talking. When he's excited, he really lets it rip. He hoots, hollers and flips around like a fish out of water. He's got an excited little squeal that gets going when he's really worked up. He sometimes hits his toys around but I've yet to determine whether it's an accident or whether he's actually aiming for them. He misses us at night you can tell. As soon as you get him out of bed he gives you the biggest smiles he can do. As far as strangers go, he is starting to get a little more leary and often just stares at them for the longest time before he decides whether to smile or cry at them.

We broke a rule the last couple days. Ethan is already eating 40+ ounces of formula a day so we gave him a little cereal before bed. The first night I made it really runny just to see how his body reacted to it, and last night I made it a little thicker. He only had less than a teaspoon with about 3-4 teaspoons of formula. I'll be watching his BM's today to make sure it doesn't plug him up. One thing is for sure though, he loved it. We fed him with a spoon to see if he could swallow it. No problems with that, he barely spit any out at all and he was so excited about the whole deal. He squealed, talked and flailed his arms and legs around the whole time. It looked like he was going to flip out of the chair. I won't give him any other foods for a while but unless he has trouble digesting the cereal, it looks like we'll continue to give him a little.

I posted a little while ago about not wanting to put blankets in the crib anymore and I think I'm definitely going to get them out of there soon. He's given up on the paci in favour of his hands and more recently his blankets. Trouble is, I keep catching them wrapped around his face. That makes me nervous. I'm going to keep my eye out for a baby bag, or just dress him warmer at night.

Since it's Christmas right away we're booked to go to a bunch of big family parties. Ethan isn't used to that many people so his reaction could be interesting. Wish us luck! lol Hopefully he doesn't get too upset.

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