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Hi, my 2 month old started with tiny bumps on her face, which spread THROUGHOUT her face... Then it also spread to her ears, shoulders, chest, back and legs, her ENTIRE body including her diaper area! Most of it is not dry & scaly and they don't become open sores so I don't know if it's eczema, but I wonder if it is b/c it's all over her body. The only scaly part is a part on her inner thigh right outside her diaper area. I've expressed my concerns to her Ped but first he said it's just baby acne and it will go away, now he says that she just has sensitive skin and to try cetaphil or aquaphor. I'm about to start trying cetaphil.

My questions are, is this eczema since her skin is not dry? What have other parents used to make these bumps go away? It really bothers me and I don't want to just leave it alone thinking it will rid itself. The doc has had me use hydrocortisone but I don't want to continue using a product that will thin my baby's skin. Please help! It's already all over her body, I don't want it to totally cover the surface of her skin. What has worked for you???

BTW, I was previously using J&J head to toe...I also wondered if that irritated her skin b/c the last time I bathed her, I noticed how the bumps got redder after I used it on her. I am also using Dreft and don't know if it could be that as well. Anyone with the same experiences?
My son has eczema and sensitive skin. The eczema looks like dry scaly patches. The sensitive skin part looks like tiny bumps and comes when we put something on him that he is sensitive to. We had to stop using detergent with scents in it, dryer sheets and fabric softner. I use Cetaphil soap on him and a sensitive fragrance free lotion like Eucerin when nessisary. We cannot use any fragranced products on him. The Eucerin goes on the eczema spots unless they get really bad. Then we will use the Hydrocortizone cream for a couple of days. Once you stop with the frangranced things then the bumps should go away. Also we try and use all cotton PJs and sheets and blankets they are less likely to irritate. Food that babys are allergic to can cause the bumps also. If the topical things do not work then I would elimate common food allergy items one at a time, like dairy.

I have gotten rid of all scented products in my home and love it. If I was to wear clothing washed in Tide for example my son would get some bumps from touching me. He is very sensitive.

Try and give baby a bath in only water. Put all cotton clothing on (washed in frangrance free detergent - I use Arm and Hammer sensitive) and see if the bumps go away. My sons will quite quickly after I do this.
Rouge, how od is ur son? For the Cetaphil, I went to the product website which mentioned "ulta gentle cleanser". I wasn't sure if the "ultra gentle" was referring to a specific type or if it was just a description of their cleanser. Do u just use the regular cleanser, ie, bottle does not say "ultra mild" by the name?
Our son is 6 months, and had really bad eczema too. I took him to the dermatologist, and they gave me a cortizone cream, which I use on occasion, and was also told to use stricty dove. It has made a big difference. I am just not sure what your describing is eczema. I would have someone else look at it. BTW, I have heard that J&J baby stuff is the worst for their sensitive skin!
I think all of their formulas are ultra sensitive. I use the bar on myself and the liquid for my son. So I just use the regulare stuff.
I don't know if you're looking for lotion or shampoo but we've been using the Aveeno Baby shampoo since the start and I'm very impressed with it. It's supposed to be soap-free and hypoallergetic. It has a little fragrance but it's light not overpowering. It must be pretty mild because the other day I accidently, (I felt so bad) got some right in his eye and he never even flinched.

I bought the regular J&J lotion and I really don't care for it at all. The baby's scalp has been really dry since his hair fell out and I don't think it does anything at all to help. It also has a very, very strong smell to it almost overpowering I feel. I finally started using my own facial moisturizer for sensitive skin and it works much better. It's just the Dove fragrance free stuff.
They Aveeno cleanser and lotions both make my son break out in the bumps and hives.
Is it eczema if it occurs in the diaper area?

Sometime I feel like it's getting better, and then it just gets worst. I'm so stressed out over this! :(
Yes it can. But have it checked by the doctor, because rashes are so tricky.

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