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My DD was very fussy for the first 6 weeks of life. She would cry every day from 2 pm to 5 pm and from 8 pm til 11 pm. It was like clock work...and at almost exactly 11 pm she would fall asleep. It was very exhausting for me so we bought "The Happiest Baby on the Block". It had some great advice to help calm our baby down when she was upset. The first time we tried the methods, they worked that day. We found it helped to get a schedule and since then we have a totally different baby. She is 3 months old now and sleeping from 9 pm to 5 am on most nights. She started out in the swing but now we put her in her crib to sleep usually.

Here are a few tips that I used:

1. Make sure your baby is completely burped before putting him/her down. We found that we can feel when she has gas bubbles by laying our hand on her belly and apply alittle pressure. Our daughter used to wake up every 3 hours at night and when I started waking her to burp her, she slept throught the night immediately. Also, it reduces the spit up, which means the baby is getting more to eat and will sleep longer.
2. Try feeding small amounts more often right before bed time. I would feed her any time she started to fuss until she went to sleep. Most times she would take an ounce of two then be happy for an hour or so. Eventually she didn't need the smaller feedings. Now, at almost 3 months, she is eating 6-8 ounces of formula every 4-6 hours...except at night. Our doctor about fell off her chair when we told her that.
3. Don't skip naps during the only made mine crankier. I let her sleep for no more than 2 hours at a time though. We keep her active during the day and let her nap in the early evening.
4. Use the gas drops after every sanity is thankful for those things. My DD has bad gas and early in life they do not understand the feelings so they cry everytime they get gas.

Good luck

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