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IMHO 3 x's a day means every 8 hours...check with your pharmacy though. I had the same problem with my daughter...she was 3 months...the medicine was for kidney reflux...she hates it.

I would make her 2 bottles one with 1 oz of formula w/the medicine and then the other with the rest of the formula until she started eating cereal and fruit...cereal at 3 months (as long as the baby can hold their head up alone) and fruit at about 4 months.

What I do (still do it she has to take the med for 1 year) is in the morning I make up 2 bowls of cereal and fruit one with about 3-4 tsps w/the medicine the other bowl the rest of her fruit and cereal...of course I feed her the fruit & cereal w/the medicine first...I also got a list of flavors from the pharmacy took it home looked it over called the pharmacy to see which flavors were compatible with her medicine. I chose banana...the cereal I make it with is also banana and then I put her fruit (bananas of course) in it too...she loves it now.

Think the pharmacy can flavor the medicine for you??? The the list of flavors was pretty long.

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