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Our first night home, we were up all night feeding. My last day in the hospital (2 days old), the lactation consultant told me that around the 3rd day, babies will start to want to eat more than the first couple days (growth spurt). In our case, the lactation consultant couldn't have been more correct.

We weren't too concerned about not breathing because we were up all night. The first night was the hardest for me. Be sure you are pretty aggressive with getting your baby awake to eat in the early days. They tend to sleep a lot. I made the mistake of missing a lot of feedings during the first 2 weeks because I didn't try hard enough to wake her...too many visitors in the house and I wasn't watching my baby's feeding times. She lost quite a bit of weight the first 2 weeks home & we were very worried when she finally got weighed. I cracked down with a strict feeding schedule in the 3rd week, limited visitors to the point of being a little rude to a few who were disrespectful of our wishes anyway...but she finally started gaining weight.

After the first 2 weeks, things seemed to progressively get better overall.

If I were to write a how-to book, I would recommend setting an eating schedule/chart on paper for 2 weeks and sticking to it...even if you are breastfeeding. I would allow the baby to eat more often than the schedule says, but not less. On the same schedule, keep track of what time you take your pain meds, and keep track of dirty and wet diapers. Carry a kitchen timer on you to go off the next time you need to do something (feed the baby or take your meds).

I would also recommend really limiting visitors the first couple weeks and don't be shy or wishy washy about your wishes (if that's what you are wanting or needing). I wish someone would have told me this. I had a pretty straightforward vaginal delivery, and it took me 3 weeks to be able to sit down correctly, wipe my own butt, and my rectum not be in pain. I could barely walk stairs. All I wanted to do was lay down and take care of myself and the baby & get to know the baby. Don't let this scare just can be a stressful time and when you aren't feeling well, the situation seems worse. When it came time for me to answer Q's for the pediatrician & get her to gain weight...I couldn't answer over half the Q's because too many people would keep coming over and hold the baby, spend time with the baby, etc. DH and I didn't get the opportunity to even spend more than a day alone with the baby, and we were clueless in front of the Pediatrician because everybody else would hold her all the time. (Can you tell I'm still bitter about this?????)

Anyway, that's what happenned to us.

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