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My DD was diagnosed with reflux at 3 weeks. They put her on zantac and reglan. We also added the rice cereal.We couldn't use the Enfimal AR. It made it really hard for her to go to the bathroom. She would cry every time. We found out that she had it because one morning she woke up and she sounded like she was getting sick. Like she was trying to cough something up and couldn't. Then she started the projectile vomiting. We took her to her ped and they immediately sent us to the hosptial for blood test, chest xray, and an upper GI. They wanted to rule out pnemouia and all that first. The upper GI came back positve and they called us that night at like 8pm when they found out. Told us they wanted her to start zantac, reglan and the rice cereal asap. They called them in and wanted us to start them that night. After a couple of days she was doing great. So we just used rice cereal and mixed it myself in her formula. She was on the meds until she was nine months old and they took her off of them. Well all the sudden she started having alot of problems with ear infections and i felt like my doctor wasn't doing anything for her. I am talking like 6 within a month and half. So i took her to another ped and they suggested putting her back on the zantac and see what happens to her ear infections then and the fluid that sits in her ears all the time. They believe that she still has reflux and it contriduting to the fluid sitting in her ears. We just started back on the zantac. We were told by her 1st ped that she would grow out of the reflux. They told us by around nine months they usually grow out of it. By then they are sitting up and eating heavier foods. Now i am worried that since she hasn't that it will be something that she always has to deal with. I was wondering if anyone knows how long this should go one and if it is something that she will always have to deal with?
We were always told to keep her in an upright position. We kept our daughter in a swing all the time and she slept in her carseat or the swing alot when she was little. We adjusted it so that she wasn't sitting straight up, but that her upper body was elvated a little. I can't believe your doctor won't give her the meds she needs. I am sorry this was a very scary thing for me. Until my DS meds started working the projectile vomiting was horrible and the crying was just heart breaking. She was in so much discomfort. For the not puting her in her carseat or the swing. I thanked god a few times that she was in the swing when she did the projectile vomiting. If she wouldn't of been she probably would have choked so bad she would of stopped breathing. We started a tablespoon of rice cereal for every 4 oz of formula at like a month old which our ped had us do. Then she had us start soild baby foods a four months. For any of the herbal remedies or anything i don't know. I think i would be seeing another doctor for a second opinion.

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