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We've never done co-sleeping. She sleeps in her bassinett in the opposite corner of our bedroom. The first month, I had the bassinett right next to me, but I found I would trip over the bassinett occassionally, and we were so close that I know we would wake her up, and she definitely kept us awake.

Just moving the bassinett about 6 feet away up against a wall has made all of us sleep better. Those little sleepy snorts and grunts don't seem so loud.

She is now 8 weeks old (almost 9 weeks) and we are probably a week away from moving her out of our room and into her crib in her own room.

I've been breastfeeding since birth. I remember thinking it would have been convenient to have her in bed to feed her the first couple weeks of life, but I never did it. I don't find it to be much a an issue to get up to feed her anymore. I actually take her into her room to feed her, even though she sleeps in our room.

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