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My daughter is going throught the same thing. She has decided she doesn't won't what iI feed her. She wants what is on my plat. She is nine months old. My Dr said as long as the foods are soft and don't have aloy of spice she can eat table food. She loves it. I also make her mashed tater and mash up boiled carrots in them. She loves them! She also like yogert. The gerber graduates are good too. The have mashed taters, ravioli(DD loves that, I have to cut it up for her), Shells and cheese. They have alot of choices. My dd also likes boiled sweet taters. She loves eating what mommy is.
that's a tough DD is 9 months old she been eating stage 2 foods for about 2 months...she loves them...she only has 2 real finger foods yet...scrambled eggs...pudding....bits of cup cake...but when she sees me eating she screams like hey where's mine???

If she had more teeth I think she would eat more. Will he eat scrambled or soft boiled eggs?? or any of the foods like gerber graduates?? or yogurt??

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