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Hello Ladies,

Checking in to say hi and see what everyone's little angels are up to. I'd love to know how many teeth babies have. Who's crawling, scooting, rolling all over the place. What people are eating and how everyone is sleeping. Also, how the older siblings are doing with the baby.

Sophia is the cutest baby ever (besides yours of course :) ) Very happy. Loves to laugh at her big borther. She's not crawling. She tries sometimes, but she is mostly working on getting herself from a laying position to a sitting position. She almost has it, but for now she looks like a little model laying on her side and resting on her elbow. I also think that she spends so much time sitting up that she doesn't want to get down and crawl. She loves to stand up with help, but really has no desire to walk very much or even hold onto something to help her stand.

She only has 1 little tooth on the bottom. It looks so funny! I thought she'd have more by now. The first tooth was a pretty nasty teething battle. I'm not looking forward to the other 19 LOL.

She LOVES to eat! OMG. ANd we're not talking about baby food (well, she loves that too) But you cannot eat anything around her without her freaking out becasue she wants some. I'm always ripping off bread from my sandwich, a cracker from my plate, a bite of my fruit, one of DS animal crackers. I find myself turning my back to eat sometimes so that I don't have to share ior find her some "real" food to eat. It's funny to have an 8 1/2 month old eyeballing your steak and potatoes. (Of course she'll get some potato) Is anyone else feeding their baby adult food? I feel like this time around I've thrown a lot of the feeding worries out the window. I know what to avoid and what size she can handle, and if it fits those criteria I'll let her try it.

Her sleeping is...not so good. Grrrr She does great in the day. 2-3 naps lasting 1 1/2 - 2 hours. No problem going down. No fussing. But at night...probably has issues 3 nights a week going to sleep. Takes about 15 minutes and I have to go back in 2-3 times to get her down. But it's the waking in the night that's driving us nuts. She'll wake anywhere from 1 time on a good night to 3 times on an average night to 6 or 7 times on a bad night. I think she's slept through the night 2 times in her entire life. She does end up sleeping for a total of 12-13 hours at night, which I should be thankful for. She goes to bed very early (6 pm) her choice. I try and keep her up, but that's her cut off time. SHe still likes to nap every 2 1/2 - 3 hours, so when ever that last nap ends...I have 3 hours tops of happy baby before she is cranky baby and needs to go to bed.

I know as she gets old she'll get better about sleeping through the night. I was just spoiled with my 1st who slept through the night 12 hours from 2 months on. Oh well.

She loves being out and about. Not too much separation anxiety yet, which is really nice.

She and big brother love each other very much. Though DS is not very good about sharing his toys. She doesn't seem interested in the baby toys and would rather play with his trucks.

So, tell me how you all are doing. I hope well. Take care :)

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