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Re: Ear Infection??
Nov 29, 2005
My DD had an ear infection when she was like 1 month old. What they did was look in her ears and then put her on an antibotic. We have gone throught alot of ear infections since then. My DD has never ran a fever with them. I know she has one because she has slept through the night since she was six weeks old. So when she wakes up at night scream bloody murder then i know something isn't right. She is usually sticking her finger in her ear or messing with it in some way. She (i don't know that it's true for everyone) will have yucky gross stuff coming out of her ears. From my experience get it checked. My DD has fluid sitting in her ears usually all the time. We are looking into getting tubes. We ended up in the hospital with pnemnia because of the drainage from her ears and she ended up with pink eye from an ear infection. An ear infection wasn't caught one time when we were at the doctors and it spread to her eye. She also has had reflux since since she was like 3 weeks old. They believe now that her reflux( since it's all connected) is cause the fluid in her ears not to drain. So she was off of her meds at nine month. Then after being off of it for about 3 months she started getting ear infections every two weeks. Let me tell you it hasn't been fun. I am really worried cause fluid and ear infections can cause hearing problems. My sister DS has some hearing loss due to ear infections. A girl i know her son had fluid sitting on his ear for six months and he can't talk very well at all. He can't hear things right. He can only say like 3 words and my 15 month old says like 20. When you talk to him he looks confused like he isn't understanding what you are saying. Sorry i keep talking. I think that i would have your ped look at her and just make sure nothing is going on. I always say i would rather pay the $10 copay instead of having some major problem end up happening. Let us know how it goes.

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