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My mom has been giving me advice on the SIDS situation since I had my baby, he's 3wks on Monday. A public health nurse came over and started taking EVERYTHING out of my crib! Nothing but the fitted sheet and a blanket on him because everything else was a SIDS risk. No swaddling either. I couldn't believe it and my mom made a fairly valid point. It made sense to me that SIDS babies must have other things wrong with them that doctors just don't pinpoint. I mean, when DS gets the blanket over his face, he turns his head where there is air passage. I've watched him many times, even though he is so young, I know that if he couldn't breathe he would turn his head until he can breathe comfortably. Watch your child, does he turn his head for comfort? MosNow, of course I won't cover him with tons of blankets, but I swaddle him, put a fleece blanket on him if he is cold (I check this with a finger or two to the back of his neck, if he's sweating he's too warm) and I have this bear that stays in his crib. I also have a comforter and another blanket in the corner and of course the cute bumpers. These will come out when he is able to move about the crib. As for now, he'll be fine.

A little note about the bumpers: When you are in the hospital with a newborn, do you realize those "cribs" they put the babies in are all plastic all the way around? They say bumpers block air from reaching the babies level so why don't the plastic walls on hospital cribs have holes in them? Lately it seems the rules for newborns Do's and Don'ts are changing for the hell of it, no valid reasons at all.

One more thing, I am so worried about having a baby with a flat head, so I lay him on his stomach during the day when I am supervising, another SIDS risk ignored.

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