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Re: 5-6 month olds
Dec 15, 2005
We went to the Dr yesterday for 6month visit. The nurse told us that at 6 months most babies start spitting up more. Because they are moving more, eating more at a time.
Our visit didnt' go well, our dr is an old meany! DS weighs about 14lbs, but he is 27 inches long, so he is growing. She is upset cause he doesn't weigh enough and wants me to force feed him an extra jar of baby food a day! And of course she talked to me like all of this was only me and my responsibility, not DH's. Grrr. DS moves, constantly, even in his sleep. She says, I think he will be walking much earlier than other babies, and that is a bad thing, I dont' want to see that! How crazy is that! My dad said we would have to chain him to somethning to keep him from walking! I just told her that I would much rather have a long skinny baby, cause then he wouldnt' have to lose the fat later! so then i asked her about juice and she said no, so i asked when we could start juice and she asked me why i was so fixed on juice! and then went off on a tirade that we have too many choices in the US! I can't stand her but DH worked with her for awhile and he loves her so...
Anyway, DS got six shots including his flu shot, so he was cranky yesterday and today, poor thing.

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