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Re: 5-6 month olds
Dec 12, 2005
Hi guys! Sounds like everyone is doing great. DS will be 6 months in four days! i can hardly believe it. He is only 14lbs and 6oz though. But he is sooo long, already in 9 months lengths. Dr will probably fuss at us (she is a meanie!) cause he hasn't doubled his birth weight (7 15 1/2) we did have a lot of trouble at first, he was down to 7 after he had been home a week. But he eats and eats and eats, lol. He has cereal with a fruit in the morning, and then something for lunch, he loves peas! He likes the orange foods, but we are staying away from them for now, because he (and I) are still kind of messy at the feeding thing and they stain his skin We have been messing with the sippy cup, but I only have one and it leaks so he doesn't drink from it. But DH let him drink from my water bottle and everyonce and a while from a cup. He always wants what we are eating. We went on a trip and I was on the hotel bed eating a cheese sandwich and he was lying beside me. I turned over to get my drink and turned back and my cheese sandwich was about a millimeter from his mouth, lol. He has two teeth, and alot more coming in.
He has been rolling for a long time, and can scoot backwards now, and is sooo close to crawling. He can sit up by himself, but he doesn't want to, he wants to be where he can move!
Have any of your babies said anything yet? DS babbles and growls and tries so hard but so far nothing has come out!

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