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Hi Gayle. LOL, have a look at my thread on controlled crying to see the nap problems that I'm having with my 4-month old DD! She can go 10 hours without sleeping! The Health Visitor suggested controlled crying and I tried it once last night but it was a disaster and nearly broke my heart. She either seems to take three 45 minute naps during the day or go all day without sleeping and then crash out for three hours about 4pm.

Today we tried putting her down before she was noticeably tired and right at this moment she seems to have dropped off to sleep. Hopefully we'll have a good nap day today....

Are you breastfeeding? If so, three months is a very common age for a growth spurt. My DD had one then was feeding every 2 - 3 hours day and night for four days solid. I was exhausted and tearful and almost ready to stop breastfeeding but she did come through it and is back to sleeping 7 or 8 hours solid at night. When she gets up in the night and you nurse her, is she hungry? I mean does she have a good feed? If so then you need to keep offering her the feed in the night. Many, many breastfed babies need feeding once if not twice a night during the third and fourth months. They are far less likely to go right through the night than formula fed babies. My DD is currently going to bed about 8pm but I then get her up and feed her again at 10.30pm and after that she'll go through to about 6am.

Good luck


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