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DS is 6 months old and 20lbs. I wanted to get an idea as what other babies' feeding schedules are like. I am never sure if I give him too much or too little or if he is where he should be for his age.

DS's schedule:

5:30am- 5oz. formula
8:30am- 2ozs formula w/cereal and 1/2 jar stage 2 fruit
11am- 5oz formula
2pm- 1 jar stage 2 fruit
5pm- 5oz formula
7pm- 1 jar stage 2 veggie or fruit
8:30pm- 5oz formula
My DS is 5 1/2 months old. He wakes up at 7:30am, and we start his feedings at 8:00am

8am 1/2 stage 1 fruit mixed in Cereal
9am 6 oz bottle
1200 1 jar stage 1 veggie mixed in cereal
1:00pm 6oz bottle
4:00pm 6oz bottle
6:00pm 1 jar stage 1 Veggie mixed in cereal, 1 jar stage 1 fruit mixed in cereal
7:30pm 6oz bottle

then he's out for the night.....The reason I mix his foods in with cereal is because he has reflux.

I also have no idea if this is too much...not enough etc.....but DS seems quite satisfied with it and sleeps 12 hours straight thru at night. His 6 month WBV is on Saturday, so I plan on discussing this schedule then. I don't know how much he weighs...but it's around 16lbs.

When did you start stage 2 foods?
My DS will be 6 months in 1 week, and this is what we feed him:

gets up at 7:30
eat's 5ozs
10am eat's half a jar of cereal and 4 ozs
and then between then and 3ish, he eat's as many bottles as he needs
then around 3 he get's fruit, and a bottle
and then has more bottles until bedtime, around 10ish, when he get's a veggie and a bottle and seems happy. He usually eat's about 4-5oz bottles with his food, and a little more when he just has a bottle.
My DS just turned 6 months on the 15th. Yesterday he had his 6 month check-up and he weighed 20 lbs. My doctor told me he is a healthy little boy, and told me to keep doing what I am doing... Here is our feeding schedule:

Wakes up about 7am
-4oz. bottle at 7:00
-Cereal and a 1/2 a jar to a whole jar of stage 2 fruit at 9:00
-4oz. bottle at 11:00
-Cereal and a whole jar of stage 2 veggies at 1:00
Naps from 1:30 until 4:00
-4oz. bottle at 4:00
-4oz. bottle at 6:00
-Cereal and a stage 2 or 3 dinner at 8:00
-4oz. bottle at 10 ish before bed and then sleeps until 7

And sometimen in between feedings if he wants to munch on something and isn't completly hungery I gave him Biter Biscuts, Strawberry puffs, and Wagon Wheels. They are all made by Gerber, so they are a healthy little snack and it gets them used to harder food!

That's how our schedule is and it has been like that since he was about 3 months old, so I think it is pretty good, and he is happy with it! :bouncing:

*And the reason I feed him stage 2 and 3 jars is because he likes thicker food.
Thank you, I asked everyone I saw today and know one knew what they were, DH said, they are what makes a wagon move. What a smartie! I am going to get him some of those I gave him a cracker last night and a vanilla wafer today, he liked those, I think that kind of worked like the biter biscuits but didnt' make nearly the mess.
Can he pick them up and get them in his mouth himself, or do you have to help him? I was reading today that babies can't do that until they are 10 months old, but DS can pick up other things and get them in his mouth.

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