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Re: Darn cold!
Dec 21, 2005
When ds was 6 weeks old and just home from the hospital (he'd had complications), I caught a nasty head cold. I just washed my hands constantly and used antibacterial gel -- especially after I used a kleenex. I'd sneeze into my shirt, so as not to spread my germs. I also used one of those masks at first just to make sure he'd be safe. He was fine. Didn't get my cold.

When he did get a cold, we just made sure his nasal passages were clear so he could breathe, which meant getting out the dreaded boogie sucker -- bulb syringe. We'd put a couple of saline drops down his nose and suck out the mucus, so he could breathe and sleep at night. We also gave him a bath at night and in the morning in a hot steamy bathroom -- we'd keep the door closed after DH and I showered, so it was nice and humid. As far as a fever -- call the doctor or nurse to see how much tylenol your infant can have.

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