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:confused: My 6 mo old baby girl has had a fever for the past 5 days this being day 6 it fluctuates... breaks then rises.. tylenol helps... no other symptoms other than gas.. and she isn't to keen to eat her baby food so that I attribute the gas to increased nursing to keep her hydrated. She is teething a little. Anyone else experience this and what temp ranges? Hers is normally around 99 to about 100.2 on the tylenol. After 4 hours usually 99 to 100.7 tylenol works... I switched to every six hours and it was 98.9.. then after the next six it was 101.8... so any advice.. I took her to the Dr on Sat cause it got to 102.5 and she is going today cause it was the 101.8 temp.. right now it was 98.9 after 4 hours and she feels cooler than she has since this started.. appt is at 6:20 all temps were rectally... thanks

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