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:confused: My 6 mo old baby girl has had a fever for the past 5 days this being day 6 it fluctuates... breaks then rises.. tylenol helps... no other symptoms other than gas.. and she isn't to keen to eat her baby food so that I attribute the gas to increased nursing to keep her hydrated. She is teething a little. Anyone else experience this and what temp ranges? Hers is normally around 99 to about 100.2 on the tylenol. After 4 hours usually 99 to 100.7 tylenol works... I switched to every six hours and it was 98.9.. then after the next six it was 101.8... so any advice.. I took her to the Dr on Sat cause it got to 102.5 and she is going today cause it was the 101.8 temp.. right now it was 98.9 after 4 hours and she feels cooler than she has since this started.. appt is at 6:20 all temps were rectally... thanks
DD's normal temp is 99.2. I was told when the temps are in those low ranges it is usually a virus but one time for us it was teeth. Giving baths helps with fevers too.
Just a bit of mommy info for ya. Tylonol is NOT an anti inflamatory so if she has swelling from teething it really won't help much. Motrin IS an anti inflamatory and will help a bunch. Pediatricians say that babies don't get fevers from teething but I'm here to tell you that all three of mine did! Good luck.
All 4 of mine had temps when teething. Since your baby is 6 months, you can double up and do Motrin, then 2 hours later, Tylenol, check if your Dr. if you would feel better before you do this. I much prefer Motrin over Tylenol, it lasts longer and seems to work better.

High fever in a child under 12 months lasting longer than 96 hours normally will be prescribed an antibiotic, just in case, even though high fevers are usually viral rather than bacterial. I just went through this with my 9 month old, it was a solid 8 days of fever (they put her on antibiotics on day 4).

Baths work, like the other posters said. Also, take her outside, fresh air does wonders. Dress her appropriately for the weather, but some time outside can be beneficial, even if it's cold.

Hang in there, sick babies are no fun.
I'm glad she is doing better. Give her hugs for us.
I am so glad she is feeling better, and that it was not anything really bad. Although I feel really bad for her having to get a cath, they hurt, poor baby.
I hope she continues to feel better!

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