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Hi Spanish,
I feed Kaden the cereal first then finish with the breast otherwise he drinks too much and isn't hungry enough for cereal...I pump milk to mix with his cereal but I am not weaning him so I do this because I want to keep my milk supply up. (I don't consider it weaning because I plan to breastfeed at least up to 9 months, in conjunction with his baby food) When I first started out I started with 2 tbsp of creal mixed with 2 tbsp of milk...if he finished it all and still showed signs of wanting more then the next time I'd make a bit more, and the better he got at eating it the thicker I started making it by adding less milk..he now eats 5-6tbsp of cereal mixed with about 3tbsp of milk. If she is thirsty she will drink so don't be worried about her fluid intake as long as she is having wet diapers. As for the poop question I can't answer that because Kadens are still runny, it is thicker but still runny not solid at all.
Well hope that helped, gotta go, Kaden just woke up from his nap.
Take care.

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