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It probably is DD never slept until about 5 months...she was very gassy and she has added problem of kidney reflux and only has 3 teeth...and is teething like crazy (she is almost 11 months old).

At about 8-9 months she too started to wake up at least 2 times...I thought what the heck...she was sleeping through the night about 10-11 hours. I change her diaper and give a short bottle she goes right back until morning. She was in the hospital for a UTI on Dec. 30th- Jan. 1st and I thought she was going to be outta whack with eating and sleeping, but when we got home she went right back to her routine.

She does seem to nap more during the day now...she too is mostly a catnapper...15 mintues like 3 times a day...lately though it has been like 2 hours...1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon.

She has not been waking up during the night since coming home from the hospital. The bad thing is she goes to bed between 730-830p...I must wake her up the give her her antibiotic at 10...what a bummer...awaken from a sound sleep to give oral's nightmare...she hates it...then I change her diaper and give some juice..she goes back in about 30 mintues.

I admit she is spoiled...I have always held her to get her to sleep...if you lay her down she does wake up sometimes, but I leave the room and she usually goes back to sleep. Sometimes during the night she cries out for a few mintues...we just listen and wait...she almost always gets herself back to sleep...sometimes the pacifier works, but she can usually find it herself and put it back into her mouth.

After how she was from newborn to 4 months, I feel lucky, even though I must hold her to get her to sleep...small sacrafice to me...I know when she is sleepy, and it only takes about 5-10 minutes at night to get her to bed. Babies go through phases and they all straighen out sooner or sleep can make you crazy though...been there done that 3 times over !!! Good luck.

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